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Jonathan Dine wins Libertarian Party primary for U.S. Senate in Missouri

Original article published earlier today at American Third Party Report:

On August 2nd, 2016, four states held primaries for statewide and federal offices. In one of those states, Missouri, the Libertarian Party held a primary for U.S. Senate. In the relatively low-turnout election, Jonathan Dine emerged victorious over small business owner, former Lake Annette City Alderman and 2014 Libertarian congressional candidate Herschel L.… Read more ...

Politico: Libertarians could spoil Senate races

Libertarian Senate candidates across the country are doing well enough to warrant a three page article by politico. The claim is that they are spoiling otherwise safe Republican seats and giving them to Democrats. The article goes over many of the different Libertarian candidates for office.

in Montana, Democratic Sen.

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David Nolan: ‘U.S. Senate contests – explaining success’

David Nolan at Libertarian Party blog:

As Wes Benedict pointed out in a recent message, we had two U.S. Senate campaigns this year that were unusually successful, in terms of vote percentages. Rebecca Sink-Burris received 5.3% of the vote in Indiana, while yours truly got 4.7% in Arizona.

This is the first time in ten years that any Libertarian Senate candidate in a three-way race got more than 4.0%, and while 2010 was generally a good year for Libertarian candidates, these two results were still noteworthy.… Read more ...