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LPWI Assembly Candidate Jordan Hansen Delivers Response to Walker’s State of the State Address

From from Jordan Hansen for 54th State Assembly, via the Libertarian Party of Wisconsin:

Scott Walker’s State of the State Address was one mostly filled with political filler; a speech filled with 25 minutes of facts and half-truths about the “successes” of the last few years of Republican leadership. The final 15 minutes, however, was full of new policy proposals, some good and some bad, meant to “Move Wisconsin Forward.”… Read more ...

Wisconsin Libertarians Prepare for 2016 Campaigns

Wisconsin Libertarians are preparing for the election year, with a series of candidates already launching their 2016 campaigns for State Legislature and Congress.

Jordan Hansen is working with a group of like-minded local supporters to mount a grassroots bid for the 54th Assembly district in Oshkosh. “It’s time somebody stands up against two-party politics, cronyism and corruption in government,” he told reporters at his announcement.Read more ...