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Life and Liberty Party Holds First National Convention, Nominates Ticket

The conservative Life and Liberty Party held its first national convention this past Saturday on Zoom, as reported at American Third Party Report.  It nominated party chairman J.R. Myers of Alaska for president and professor Tiara Lusk of Idaho for vice president.  According to the party’s website, it is currently on the ballot in Arkansas and is attempting to appear on several others.… Read more ...

UPDATED: Liberty Singer Jordan Page’s Infant Son Needs Surgery-Can You Help?

Thomas Page

Jordan Page is a singer/songwriter who devotes his talents to spreading the message of liberty. We featured a song here at IPR a few months ago that was written and performed by Jordan about the death of LaVoy Finicum.

Jordan is also a family man–I believe the latest baby put him at six children.… Read more ...

Jordan Page Writes and Performs Ballad of LaVoy Finicum (Cowboy’s Stand for Freedom)

Jordan Page is a singer-songwriter active in libertarian and liberty-oriented circles. He’s known for political songs, especially of an antiwar nature. He sang at the Libertarian Party of Southern California’s Conference in 2013, among many other events across the country.… Read more ...

Jordan Page Performs at Private Home in Los Angeles, Performs Set with Host

Jordan Page is a musician who many of you in the Liberty community may know about. He’s a young man who has taken a lot of what we say in our movement and puts it into music. This is how he makes his living. He came out to California the 24th of January and performed at Judd Weiss’s house in Bel-Air.… Read more ...

Laura Brown: Alive, Free, and Happy to Be At the 5th Annual So CA Libertarian Conference

Originally posted to California Libertarian Women’s Caucus

Written by Laura Brown
January 21, 2013

For freedom-loving women, the place to be Saturday, January 18 was Ontario, California for the 5th annual Southern California Libertarian party conference. An inspiring group of speakers, singer/performer Jordan Page, and an after party with bands and dancing…Libertarian women were well represented, including speaker Stephanie Butts, organizer of California College Libertarians, and Susan Marie Weber, recently elected city council member in Palm Desert.… Read more ...

Ernie Hancock, Mark Hinkle, Mary Ruwart join with others to help bring libertarian message to Arab world

UPDATE: With the resignation of Mubarak in Egypt this morning, I felt that we should move this article up so as to keep it on the front page and am changing the time stamp on it to be more current. My apologies to anyone who feels this is unwarranted.

Ernie Hancock writes:

Google Translators are already available and the graphics are very timely.

Read more ...

Nominations and Seconds for Chair Candidates

The nomination process for chair candidates is their last chance to speak to delegates and to have proxies speak about them to delegates. The speeches occurred in random order.

Wayne Root was nominated first, by Indianapolis City Councilman Ed Coleman of Indiana, the Libertarian Party’s highest elected official currently. He said that Root was “the spark” the Libertarian Party needed.… Read more ...