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Gary Johnson 2012 Campaign Endorses More Candidates


Gary Johnson Campaign Endorses Second Set of Candidates

7 June 2012 – Salt Lake City – Gary Johnson 2012 Campaign Headquarters

Governor Johnson is pleased to announce, on behalf of himself, Judge Gray and the Johnson/Gray2012 Campaign, his endorsement of the following candidates:

(Note: This is the second in a series of endorsement announcements.… Read more ...

The Libertarian Party of Nevada Announces New Administration and the Decision to Strengthen the State Party By Centralizing Its Leadership

Written by LPNevada News on 11 May 2011.


Libertarian Party of Nevada announces the results from Executive Committee meeting.

LAS VEGAS, Nevada, May 10, 2011 ― The Libertarian Party of Nevada (LPNevada), the Libertarian Party is America’s third-largest political party who believes in minimum government and maximum freedom, announced the results of its May 5, 2011 Executive Committee meeting.… Read more ...

Jim Duensing: We Libertarians Have Become What We Profess To Oppose


Jim Duensing for President

It has long been whispered in Libertarian circles that when we
Libertarians actually get a hold of even a small bit of power, we become
everything we despise.

There is no better example of that long whispered adage than the
Libertarian Party of Nevada’s meeting on Cinco de Mayo.… Read more ...