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Interview: Libertarian John Wayne Smith and Running Mate Joseph Wendt Discuss Gubernatorial Campaign in Florida

John Wayne Smith is running for the Libertarian Party of Florida’s nomination for governor in 2014. Joseph Wendt is his running mate. The campaign website: http://www.johnwaynesmith.com/. Today, I conducted an interview with both candidates.

Krzysztof Lesiak

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Florida Libertarian Joseph Wendt netted 43% of vote on platform to abolish his office

The following was posted on lp.org:
posted by Staff on Apr 29, 2013
Joseph Wendt
Joseph Wendt,
LP Florida
2012 Candidate
for Soil & Water
Conservation Board


Joseph Wendt, 2012 candidate for Florida’s Soil and Water Conservation Board, netted the largest Libertarian Party vote total in his state, and one of the largest in the nation, running on a platform to defund and abolish the board he was campaigning to join.

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