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The Daily Bell: Judge Jim Gray on Drug Prohibition, Marijuana Legalization and LEAP


Anthony Wile sat down with the Libertarian Party’s Vice-Presidential Candidate of 2012, retired Judge Jim Gray, and has provided this interview. It begins with a fairly thorough biographical piece, which the reader can find here .

They begin by talking about the War on Drugs:

Daily Bell: Thanks for taking time to talk with us today.Read more ...

Judge Gray on Coast to Coast AM: GJ-2016, War on Drugs, CPD Lawsuit, etc. . .

Judge Gray

On Thursday May 22nd Judge James Gray appeared as a guest for three hours on Coast to Coast AM, a late night, national (about 600 radio stations) talk show.

A transcript Judge Gray’s comments about the drug war, the pending lawsuit against the Commission on Presidential Debates, the likelihood of a Gary Johnson 2016 campaign, Obamacare, Edward Snowden’s role as both a hero and a traitor, his and Governor Johnson’s advocacy of the Fair Tax, and other issues is provided below.… Read more ...

Johnson Campaign: Promote Jim Gray

Andrew Miller, social media marketer and self-described “Provocateur, Street-Fighter, Shit-Starter, Smart-Ass, Wing-Man, Wise-Guy, and Lover of Women” (http://twitter.com/#!/andrewmiller83/) and Johnson campaign staff member (AndrewMiller@garyjohnson2012.com) has launched a campaign to promote Judge Jim Gray. In an email received earlier today, Miller writes:

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Please Pass this video around.

Note in your posts “Libertarian Vice Presidential Candidate.”

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Judge Jim Gray of California Wins Vice Presidential Nomination of the Libertarian Party

Judge Jim Gray: 357 votes, 59.5%

Lee Wrights 229 votes, 38.167%

Jim Burns 6 votes, 1%

NOTA 7 votes, 1.6%

On the first ballot, Judge Jim Gray of California wins the vice presidential nomination of the Libertarian Party in 2012. Gray thanks Wrights for being a gentleman and said he looked forward to debating Biden.… Read more ...

Judge Gray Announces for VP, Gary Johnson Endorses

Judge Jim Gray has officially announced his intention to seek the Vice Presidential nomination of the Libertarian Party at their national convention in Las Vegas, Nevada, this weekend. His statement follows in full:

Dear Convention Delegates:

In 2001 I first met Gary Johnson when he, as a sitting governor of the State of New Mexico, endorsed the original edition of my book, which is entitled “Why Our Drug Laws Have Failed and What We Can Do About It: A Judicial Indictment of the War on Drugs” (Temple University Press, 2d edition, 2012).

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Judge Jim Gray added to ACHIEVE slate of candidates for the Libertarian Party National Committee

Email from Pat Dixon to contact.ipr@gmail.com:

Judge Jim Gray has been added to the ACHIEVE slate of candidates for the Libertarian Party National Committee. Judge Gray will be running for an at-large position on the committee.

Judge Gray was a Libertarian candidate for US Senate in California in 2004. He has been a trial judge in Orange County, California since 1983.… Read more ...

IPR Exclusive: Judge Jim Gray Officially Running for LNC

We reported, yesterday, on rumors that Judge Jim Gray, a former Superior Court Justice in Orange County, California, might run for one of the at-large seats on the Libertarian National Committee. Gray has previously run for US Senate in California as a Libertarian, in 2004.

I sent a question to Judge Jim Gray asking if the rumors about him running for LNC were true, he replied thusly:

Yes, I believe that this is an area in which I can help.

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