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San Antonio Current: kat swift on the Texas Green Party

San Antonio Current via Green Party Watch:

Kat Swift on the evolution of the Texas Green Party
By Greg Harman


A debilitating car accident has relegated one of the Green Party’s key organizers (some would, and have, called her the party’s conscience) to the sidelines this election cycle after several years of full-throttle ballot efforts.

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Green Party Watch: Poll for GP Prez 2012

At Green Party Watch, there is a poll about potential Green Party Presidential candidates for 2012. The list was created by the website Green Party Watch,  so it is not official. Though, the community of Green Party Watch includes many Green Party leaders and insiders.

On the list are:

Jared Ball (DC)
Rosa Clemente (NY)
Tom Clements (SC)
Howie Hawkins (NY)
Jesse Johnson (WV)
Cynthia McKinney (GA)
Jill Stein (MA)
kat swift (TX)
Laura Wells (CA)
Rich Whitney (IL)

There is also a space to vote for “Another Green Party candidate not listed here”.… Read more ...

Green Party campaign videos: Howie Hawkins, Kat Swift, Laura Wells, Rich Whitney

Dave Schwab at Green Party Watch:

New York Green Party gubernatorial candidate Howie Hawkins has released 2 new campaign ads that will begin running on TV this week:

#1: New York Wants to Know…

#2: Howie Hawkins Green New Deal – Green Party

Hawkins’ campaign needs donations as soon as possible to get these ads on the air and maximize the Green vote.… Read more ...

San Antonio Express-News: For Kat Swift, it isn’t easy being Green

By Gilbert Garcia – Express-News

At the 2008 King William Fair, Kat Swift was easy to spot.

Amidst the parade marchers, the food vendors, and the Fiesta revelers who flooded the streets, Swift was the lone person with blond cornrows wearing a Wonder Woman costume and carrying a clipboard.

Swift, 37, the San Antonio-based state coordinator for the Green Party of Texas, showed up at the fair to gather signatures for the party’s drive to get on the Texas election ballot.… Read more ...

Democrats Drop Challenge to Texas Green Ballot Access

The Texas Democrat Party has dropped its challenge to Green Party candidates remaining on the ballot. Instead, the Democrats will pursue their challenge to the funding of the Green petition drive in a lower court for civil penalties.

The reasoning behind this decision may be two-fold. On the one-hand, Democrats may not want to be seen publicly discouraging voter choice by knocking a party off of the ballot (although Texas Rep.… Read more ...

Press Release: Free and Equal Issues Statement in Response to Recent Texas Media Reports

Sent to contact.ipr@gmail.com by Free and Equal:

Free and Equal Free and Equal Elections is proud to stand next to the Green Party of Texas today to release this joint statement concerning Texas media reports involving Boyd Ritchie’s anti-democratic attack on the Green Party’s recent petition drive in Texas.

The statement from Free and Equal Founder and Chair Christina Tobin follows:

“Boyd Ritchie’s anti-democratic and anti-choice actions are shameful for a party leader.… Read more ...

Texas Democrats sue the state’s Green Party to find out who gave them 92,000 signatures

From the Dallas Morning News:

AUSTIN – The Texas Democratic Party went to court Thursday to find out who funded a petition drive for the Green Party that could help Gov. Rick Perry and other Republicans win close races this fall.

“Texans need to know the truth about Rick Perry’s involvement in the Republican/Green Party petition scam,” said state Democratic Party Chairman Boyd Richie.

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Candidates at the Green Party US Presidential forum

via http://polidoc.blogspot.com/

Kat Swift, Texan Green, reminds us that “We are the change we seek” in her introductory remarks at the 2008 Green Party National Convention Presidential Candidate Forum in Chicago, IL on Friday, September 11.

With Cynthia McKinney taking the nomination, Swift sets her mind on her next race, and it is a race she has a great chance at winning in her town of San Antonio, which is no cow-pokin’ town.

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McKinney in lead as Greens prepare to select nominee

With Green Party delegates poised to select a presidential nominee this morning, NewsBlaze runs down the contenders and their standings, saying that “with 419 votes needed to win the nomination, former George Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney leads the delegate race with 304.5 delegates.” Ralph Nader “sits in second place with 139 total delegates” even though he is not seeking the Green nomination.… Read more ...

McKinney, swift on Blog Talk Radio

In an interview with Radio Resistance at Blog Talk Radio, former Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney talks about Iran, the Green Party, impeachment, Sibel Edmonds and more.

In an interview with Green Party Watch Radio, also hosted at Blog Talk Radio, kat swift discussed Ingrid Betancourt’s release, as well as her campaign’s focus on domestic violence, food insecurity, especially for women, de-militarization coupled with environmental clean up, and a list of steps needed to turn this from an ever expanding society to a sustainable society.… Read more ...

Bob Barr, Ralph Nader dominate online coverage of alternative candidates

The mainstream media rarely give third-party and independent candidates a fair shake — hence the need for sites like IPR and Third Party Watch. But the new media — the online media — is supposed to give candidates and parties the coverage they deserve.

If this is true, then Libertarian Party nominee Bob Barr and independent candidate Ralph Nader have really outdone their competitors.… Read more ...

Kat Swift decries ‘Ageism’ in the Constitution

Friday was Kat Swift’s birthday. She turned 35, making her officially eligible for president under the Constitution.

“The process by which one becomes President is a fraud,” says a media release posted on the Swift campaign’s blog. “Lies and obfuscation resulting in the theft of democracy happen routinely, as recently as 2006, 2004, and 2000, and all the way back.… Read more ...