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Libertarian Replies to “Open Letter to Libertarians and Their Candidates”


This letter was posted to Facebook on August 12 by a woman named Kelly Canon. I found it via a discussion on the LP Florida page , then posted it to my page. Hearty discussion ensued. The discussion on her FB page has gone on for several days, and features several IPR regulars commenting.… Read more ...

Libertarian and Green Parties retain ballot access in Texas

From the Lone Star Report via TPID:

It’s true that Texas Democrats did not file a candidate in the race for Comptroller, leaving only Republican incumbent Susan Combs versus two third-party candidates. But that doesn’t mean this race doesn’t represent a loss for Democrats (at least, in future elections). We previously reported that if the Green Party took more than 5 percent in this race, they would be in a position to chip away at close Democratic races in upcoming years — the same as what Libertarians theoretically do to Republican candidates.

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Kathie Glass to Rick Perry – You are in Dereliction of Duty on Border Security

From The Kathie Glass campaign to contact.ipr@gmail.com:

At the statewide televised gubernatorial debate on October 19, at which Rick Perry refused to show, Kathie Glass displayed her “strongly worded letter” that she was ready to hand to Rick Perry on border security. Several days ago, Kathie Glass released the contents of that letter.… Read more ...

Kathie Glass Election Night Watch Party in Austin

Emailed to contact.ipr@gmail.com:

Kathie Glass will host an election night watch party at the Doubletree Guest Suites Bluebonnet Room at 303 W 15th in Austin starting at 8:00 p.m. on November 2 election night. The Travis County Libertarian Party is co-hosting the event, and other Libertarian candidates from the Austin area and other parts of Texas will also attend.… Read more ...

Dallas County Libertarian Party: “Good News For Libertarians”

Emailed to contact.ipr@gmail.com:

Even as pendulum of partisan politics continues to swing back and forth between the incumbent parties of big government, this year freedom finally has cause to rejoice. More and more people in Dallas and nationwide are beginning to see through the “two-party system”, and they are increasingly seeing the Libertarian Party as a viable alternative.… Read more ...

University of Texas Poll Has Libertarian Gubernatorial Candidate Kathie Glass at 8%

Ballot Access News reports:

A University of Texas/Texas Tribune Poll, released October 25, shows these results for Governor: Republican Rick Perry 50%, Democrat Bill White 40%, Libertarian Kathie Glass 8%, Green Party nominee Deb Shafto 2%. There are no undecideds, because if a respondent first said “Undecided”, the pollster then encouraged the respondent to say which way he or she is leaning.

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Texas: A Democrat, a Libertarian and a Green walk into a room…

Ciara O’Rourke in the Austin American-Statesman:

True to his word, GOP Gov. Rick Perry did not attend Tuesday night’s gubernatorial debate in Austin. He’d earlier said he wouldn’t gab toe-to-toe with Democratic nominee Bill White until White released more tax returns from his stints in public posts.

Unsilenced, White, Libertarian candidate Kathie Glass and Green Party candidate Deb Shafto did their best to craft a lively hour, making some statements along the way that we’ve previously checked.… Read more ...

Kinky Friedman To Endorse Kathie Glass for TX Governor

Sorry Woodrow. The Texas Tribune reports:

Iconic Texas entertainer and perennial politician Kinky Friedman plans to endorse Libertarian gubernatorial candidate Kathie Glass, which presents him with a problem: “I already said I would endorse Woodrow the dog,” he explains. “He’ll have to be my animal endorsement, and Kathie will be my human endorsement.”

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IPR Gubernatorial Rankings

1) Lincoln Chafee (I-RI) – In 2006, Republican Senator Lincoln Chafee lost a close race for re-election against Democrat Sheldon Whitehouse. Saying, “It’s not my party anymore,” in 2007 a disenchanted Chafee left the Republican Party due to its increasing conservatism. The politician went searching for a party, disagreeing with the Green and Libertarian Parties while finding the name of the Moderate Party “too squishy.”… Read more ...

Doing the Right Thing For All The Wrong Reasons?

From the Austin-American Statesman:

The initial invitation to the Oct. 19 debate said participation would be allowed for all gubernatorial candidates who met a 10 percent threshold in a survey done for the newspapers. The participating papers in the survey — released Sunday — are the American-Statesman, Dallas Morning News, Fort Worth Star-Telegram, San Antonio Express-News and Houston Chronicle.

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Kathie Glass: Rick Perry’s Worst Nightmare?

According to the Houston Chronicle (Texas’ largest newspaper), she just might be. An excerpt:

The real potential for Glass is that her message of stark government downsizing will steal votes from Perry.

In the 1990 governor’s race, where many voters were disgusted with the Republican candidates, Libertarian Jeff Daiell won almost 4 percent of the ballots.

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Libertarian Party blog: Libertarians in Texas poll

Posted by Staff at LP blog:

According to the Texas Tribune, six Texas Libertarian candidates are polling at least 5%. Kathie Glass, running for Governor, 5% Scott Jameson, running for Lt. Governor, 5% Jon Roland, running for Attorney General, 5% James Holdar, running for Land Commissioner, 7% Rick Donaldson, running for Agriculture Commissioner, 8% Roger Gary, running for Railroad Commissioner, 6%

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