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LibertyMaven publishes and seeks additional evidence for Cynthia McKinney’s claim of Katrina mass murder

Writing in Liberty Maven, Jake4Constitution provides additional evidence related to Green Party Presidential candidate Cynthia McKinney’s recent controversial claim that 5,000 black men, likely to be prisoners, were executed and disposed of in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.

McKinney’s campaign has responded to inquiries with the following statement:

During the course of Congresswoman McKinney’s focus on the victims and their mistreatment, she and her staff received reports of illegal use of force and shootings against innocent citizens from multiple, unrelated sources, including reports of attempts by law enforcement authorities to conceal the evidence of their crimes.

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Nader’s media week in review

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This has been a busy media week for the campaign, as we kicked off our Constitution Day pledge drive and Nader’s Southern tour—traveling to Oklahoma, Louisiana and Arkansas before heading to Tennessee. In Oklahoma, Nader addressed crowds about the state’s discriminatory ballot access laws and its refusal to allow write-in campaigns.

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