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Dennis Mikolay: Ken Block Hopes to Represent Centrists in Rhode Island

Published on ivn.us on May 23, 2013

By Dennis Mikolay

In a country as heavily partisan as the United States, it is very rare to find politicians whose allegiance lies outside the Democratic and Republican machines. Rhode Island Governor Lincoln Chafee, elected as an independent, represents one of the very few exceptions to this rule; that said, not all voters, or even third party advocates for that matter, are particularly enthused with their gubernatorial incumbent.… Read more ...

Independent Candidates Continue to Grow in Numbers in Rhode Island

The number of independent candidates running for various races in the state of Rhode Island has been increasing despite being a Democrat stronghold. Currently it is the only state to have an independent serving as governor, and the number of independent candidates have reached a record high of 37. Voter registration has been decreasing for the two major parties, and been increasing for independents.… Read more ...

Recent news from Rhode Island’s Moderate Party

Various news about the Rhode Island Moderate Party since the election:

Most recently, the party’s chairman Robert Corrente stepped down from that position so that Ken Block, who had resigned while he ran for governor, could take over.

Party executive director Christine Hunsinger says former U.S. Attorney Robert Clark Corrente (kuh-RENT’-ee) resigned the week after the Nov.

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Moderate Party retains ballot access in Rhode Island; independent Chafee wins for Governor

From the Results Liveblog posted last night:

Moderate Party candidate [for Governor] Ken Block pulled off a surprisingly strong showing of 6.5%. This gives his party ballot access.

Also in Rhode Island, independent Lincoln Chafee’s lead held up and he is the Governor-elect.

No other independents won for Governor, although Eliot Cutler came close in Maine and was in the lead for part of the night.… Read more ...

Ordinary Rhode Island residents endorse Moderate Ken Block

Sent to contact.ipr@gmail.com:

Warwick– With Bill Clinton stumping for Frank Caprio, Mayor Bloomberg endorsing Chafee and former Presidential Candidate, Governor Mitt Romney endorsing John Robitaille, the Ken Block for Governor Campaign felt it was appropriate to announce that Ken Block is endorsed by everyday, hardworking Rhode Islanders.

“While it’s always nice to have famous people visit Rhode Island, and while we have the utmost respect  for the President, former President, Mayor, and Governor,” said campaign spokesperson Amanda Alvarez, “what really matters is the endorsement of the people.”… Read more ...

Moderate Party of Rhode Island Gubernatorial candidate Ken Block’s mother passes away

From Ken Block to contact.ipr@gmail.com:

“This morning my mother, Janet Block, lost her seven year battle with Alzheimer’s. She will be deeply missed by her husband, her children and grandchildren. She always taught me to finish what I started, and to fight for what I believe in, so I have every intention of continuing on in this campaign.… Read more ...

Rhode Island Holds 7-Candidate Gubernatorial Debate

Ballot Access News:

On October 27, Rhode Island [held] a gubernatorial debate, in which all 7 ballot-listed candidates [participated]. See this story. Thanks to Gene Berkman for the link. The candidates are the nominees of the Democratic, Republican, and Moderate Parties, and all four independent candidates.

The candidates include independent Lincoln Chafee and Moderate Party candidate Ken Block, who also participated in another debate the previous day.… Read more ...

The Curious Case of Lincoln Chafee

When was the last time you heard of the President of the United States endorsing a third party candidate?

Admittedly, it didn’t happen this cycle. Nevertheless, Lincoln Chafee got the next best thing.

On October 25th Barack Obama did his usual thing as a President right before mid-terms: gave his blessing with rallies to a few of his party’s candidates, raised funds for his party, and did a little bit of local glad-handing.… Read more ...

RI Moderate Party gov. candidate puts ads on television

Emailed by the Ken Block for governor campaign to contact.ipr@gmail.com:

Warwick–Starting today, a new Block commercial will run. Moderate Party Gubernatorial Candidate, Ken Block’s newest ad sets him apart from his opponents by poking fun at the back and forth mudslinging that occurs between recycled politicians.

“The two best known candidates are attacking one another in the hopes that no one will notice the lack of substance in their plans for fixing Rhode Island,” said Block.… Read more ...

IPR Gubernatorial Rankings

1) Lincoln Chafee (I-RI) – In 2006, Republican Senator Lincoln Chafee lost a close race for re-election against Democrat Sheldon Whitehouse. Saying, “It’s not my party anymore,” in 2007 a disenchanted Chafee left the Republican Party due to its increasing conservatism. The politician went searching for a party, disagreeing with the Green and Libertarian Parties while finding the name of the Moderate Party “too squishy.”… Read more ...

Ken Block, Moderate Party Candidate for Governor, is first gubernatorial candidate to receive a “True” ranking on PolitiFact’s Truth-O-Meter

Warwick, RI–Ken Block, Moderate Party Candidate for Governor, is the first gubernatorial candidate to receive a “True” ranking on PolitiFact’s Truth-O-Meter scale. After a month of investigating, PolitiFact concluded that the statement Block made in his first commercial, “I helped to invent a system that saved over a billion dollars on welfare,” was true.… Read more ...

Ken Block: ‘I know I said I would be willing to chew my own arm off if I ever had to collect signatures again…’

Press release from July 15. As far as I can tell we missed it at the time.

Warwick–As of 2:30pm this afternoon, Moderate Party Gubernatorial Candidate, Ken Block, has confirmed that he will appear on the ballot this November. The Block campaign spoke with the Secretary of State’s office who confirmed the count of 1,046 certified signatures from the cities and towns.… Read more ...