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Much larger than usual number of Libertarians for U.S. House receive over 5% of the vote

From the Libertarian Party blog analysis of the elections:

Currently we have 15 Libertarians for U.S. House who received over 5% of the vote. (That only counts races where a Republican and a Democrat both appeared on the ballot.) That’s a big increase from past years. In 2008, three Libertarians for U.S.… Read more ...

Dick Boddie on spoiling Obama’s party

Posted by Kevin Craig (excerpt):

Richard B. Boddie (center) has come up with a delightful idea:

You know what would REALLY perturb ( or p___ off) a whole lot of people, especially so-called Democrats?! How about this?

Bumbling George W. Bush, the puppet, could resign immediately — before the new year, even.

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