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California LP Makes Announcement Regarding Upcoming Convention

Tropicana LV

Libertarian Parties Announce Joint Convention

6 Fed 2015
By Jonathan Jaech

Earlier this week, the California and Nevada Libertarian parties announced the finalization of plans for holding their 2015 annual conventions jointly. The announced venue for the joint conventions is the Tropicana Las Vegas. The convention of delegates for each party will be on Sunday May 31st, with the preceding days beginning on May 28th set aside for LPEX, billed as the “first Libertarian Political Expo” and meetings of LSLA, the Libertarian State Leaders Alliance.… Read more ...

What’s Going On With the Libertarian Party of California?

I received this letter from Dana McLorn, a member since 2009 CA LP logoof the Libertarian Party of California’s Executive Committee. During some of that time, he was on the Operations Committee, and was Chairman of the Convention Committee in 2012. In addition, he is the immediate past chairman of Ventura County. He has asked that I post this here.Read more ...

LPCA Con 2011 Nevada – Sunday Elections

Officer elections will be held today as well as some number of seats on the Board.

9:05 AM is the scheduled time for the Chair’s election and then the other officers right behind that  until

11:30 when the non-Officer Board seats come up.

Lunch speaker: Steve Kubby

All action after lunch, fairly anti-climactic.… Read more ...

Update on LNC At Large Vacancy-filling process

(Posted by Paulie)

In comments on my last update about the process to fill two At Large Rep vacancies on the Libertarian National Committee caused by the death of David Nolan (RIP) and the resignation of former Treasurer James Oaksun, whom former At Large Rep Bil Redpath was appointed to replace, LNC regional rep Daniel Wiener wrote:

There is no official list of applicants for the two LNC vacancies, nor is there any official procedure.

Read more ...

Steve Kubby for City Council, South Lake Tahoe: ‘Get Out the Vote today!’

Kubby for City Council:

Win, lose or Draw…It was a great campaign – Special thanks to the guys who made this campaign such a terrific team effort: Kevin Takenaga, Beau Cain, Terry Floyd, Dana McLorn, and Wayne Allyn Root.

Here are the poll results as they stand last check:
Poll Results

Get out and vote!… Read more ...