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IPR Contributor Dies

Kevin Zeese, an attorney and IPR contributor who posted 44 articles on this site, has died, Ballot Access News reports.  Zeese was heavily involved in the Green Party and the Howie Hawkins 2020 campaign for president.  He reportedly died suddenly of a heart attack on September 6 at the age of 64.… Read more ...

Ian Schlakman: Hawkins Team Sends Letter Demanding I let Hawkins Have an Unfair Advantage

From Green Party Presidential Candidate Ian Schlakman at Medium.

The Green Party, just like the Democratic Party, is in the thick of its own Presidential Primary. As Greens, we are very familiar with other parties rigging elections and playing dirty tricks to help their corrupt candidates. Of course Greens are pro-democracy and fight for fair and open elections all over the country. … Read more ...

Kevin Zeese: Obama should seek legal prosecution, not illegal war

Kevin Zeese
September 4, 2013
Kevin Zeese, Attorney General

The most effective deterrent against the use of chemical weapons is not the mass bombing of Syria, an action that would be illegal under international law and counterproductive, but to use the international legal system that has been built since World War I and take legal action under the Chemical Weapons Convention.Members

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Kevin Zeese: End the injustices of mandatory sentencing: Pardon those unjustly punished

August 15, 2013

Kevin Zeese, Attorney General & Clifford Thornton, Drug Policy Administrator

Finally, after working to see the end of mandatory minimum sentencing for nearly 30 years, hearing Attorney General Holder say the obvious – that mandatory sentences don’t work, are costly, unfair and need to be ended – was welcome.  

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Green Shadow Cabinet: Why stop and frisk is unconstitutional

August 13, 2013
Kevin Zeese, Attorney General

Kevin Zeese was the 2006 Green Party candidate for U.S. Senate from Maryland. He was also endorsed by the Populist Party and Libertarian Party in that race. On Election Day, he received 27,564 votes, or 1.55%. 

In a ruling that will change racially unfair police practices in New York, a federal judge has found the NYPD stop and frisk program to be unconstitutional.  

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Kevin Zeese: Manning case risks Freedom of the Press if the People do not act

Manning case risks Freedom of the Press if the People do not act
July 31, 2013

The verdict in the Bradley Manning trial has already begun to create reverberations as people start to understand its impact, beyond the impact on Manning.  While the greatest threat to Manning, Aiding the Enemy, was defeated, another threat, The Espionage Act, was not.  

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Green Shadow Cabinet stands with Bradley Manning

Justice: Green Shadow Cabinet stands with Bradley Manning

May 30, 2013

Justice Branch and Foreign Affairs Branch, Green Shadow Cabinet

Bradley Manning is a whistleblower who has exposed the policies and practices of the U.S. governmnet’s domination and hegemony. From Tunisia to Yemen, Sweden to Washington, DC, the documents expose the operation of U.S.… Read more ...

Margaret Flowers and Kevin Zeese: Another Government Is Necessary: The People Can Rule Better Than the Elites

The following article was published on TruthOut on April 30th. It concerns the formation of the new Green Shadow Cabinet. Kevin Zeese was the Green Party’s candidate for U.S. Senate in Maryland in 2006. He received 27,564 votes, or 1.55%.  Margaret Flowers is a pediatrician and blogger from Baltimore, MD.

More people are taking action in their communities to meet their basic needs because of government corruption at all levels that protects the status quo when urgent change is needed.… Read more ...

Jill Stein: Urgent letter from seven leading peace advocates

The following letter was forwarded by Jill Stein, Green Party nominee for President.


FROM: David Swanson, Medea Benjamin, Leah Bolger, Bruce Gagnon, Chris Hedges, George Martin and Kevin Zeese

Dear Friends in the Peace Movement,

We can’t afford to let this opportunity slip by. By taking action over the next five days the peace community has a chance to inject a compelling and courageous peace advocate into the 2012 presidential campaign, to have a voice in the national debate over war, militarism, and military spending.… Read more ...

Free & Equal to Co-Host NYC Liberty Fest event

407 S. Dearborn Street ♦ Suite 1170 ♦ Chicago, IL ♦ 60605
(312) 320-4101 ♦ FAX (866) 309-7803
Christina Tobin, Founder and Chair
Phone: 312-320-4101
Email: christina@freeandequal.org
Web: www.freeandequal.org

Free & Equal to Co-Host NYC Liberty Fest event

New York City — Free & Equal will Co-Host Liberty Fest NYC this Saturday, September 10, from 5pm-11pm at the Club Amnesia, on 609 West 29th Street in New York City.

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Active Green leads action to disbar Bush officials

Two groups called the Velvet Revolution and Voters for Peace have taken action to have twelve Bush administration officials disbarred, or lose the ability to legally practice law, for “providing legal cover for the war crime of torture.”  That quote is from Kevin Zeese, a board member of both organizations, and a Green Party Senate candidate in 2006. … Read more ...

Fusion candidate asks: What is a peace voter to do?

Kevin Zeese, who ran for US Senate from Maryland in 2006, has written a piece at Op Ed News asking this very question.

The headline calls Zeese a fusion candidate because he tried to run for Senate as the nominee of the Green, Libertarian and Populist parties, only to see the state legislature outlaw fusion, leaving him to run as a Green Party nominee only.… Read more ...