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John Murphy on ‘Nadering Kucinich’

Independent candidate for Congress in 2008 and former Green Party member John Murphy writes in Dissident Voice,

The Democrat Party is just another voice of the corporate elite that is trying to control America. It does not want us to have any choices other than the corporate candidates and it will do its best to slander and malign even men like Ralph Nader who has done more for this nation in the past 40 years than any 30 presidents in the last 200 years!

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Green Party activist comments on latest Kucinich maneuver

From a March 17, 2010 e-mail from Steve Alesch, of Illinois, DuPage County Green Party (DCGP) Chair:

The corporate takeover of Washington is complete! Kucinich sells out!
Wednesday, March 17, 2010 1:51 PM
From: steve.alesch at dupagegreens.org

Kucinich is now saying he will vote yes for the Health Care Medical Insurance Corporate Welfare Bill!
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