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L. Neil Smith: The Fabian Choo-Choo

xcgnKjeMiFrom L. Neil Smith’s The Libertarian Enterprise:

I was having a conversation with somebody on Facebook the other day, when I became aware that he didn’t know about, or understand, how political progress really gets made. Yet another failure, owing to the libertarian movement’s utter lack of an internal education system.… Read more ...

L. Neil Smith Endorses McAfee for President

l neil smithIn a Sunday essay published at his Libertarian Enterprise, Libertarian novelist and essayist L. Neil Smith endorses John McAfee for the presidency of the United States:

After months and months of having to listen to RINOs, LINOs, and self-righteous conservative Republican religious cooties, who can’t keep their Invisible Playmate in their pants, John McAfee is a breath of political fresh air.

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L. Neil Smith: Reforming the Libertarian Party

l neil smith


Number 853, January 3, 2016

Believe me, to get what we want to make of society, libertarians must learn not to act like Republicans.

Reforming the Libertarian Party

by L. Neil Smith

I recently joined a group, the LP Radical Caucus, that was new to me, and one of the things they asked on their Facebook page was what ideas, if any, did I have for straightening out what’s wrong with the Party.

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