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Posts tagged as “La Raza”

Mississippi Libertarians Hold Event, Mull Forming Local Party

The Libertarian Party of Mississippi held an event on July 18th in Pearl County, Mississippi, which received press coverage in the Picayune Item.

Mississippi Libertarian Party chairman Danny Bedwell and Libertarian fourth congressional district candidate Tim Hampton both appeared here on Thursday afternoon at a rally at Cafe Amore on East Canal Street, and both told attendees thatfor those fed up with the Democrats and Republicans, the Libertarian Party offers a “viable alternative.”

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Bob Barr’s ‘secure the borders’ fundraising letter gets it wrong

Libertarian presidential candidate Bob Barr’s recent “secure the borders”-themed fundraising letter was viewed as “borderline racist” and “extremely unlibertarian” by some Libertarians. Those are opinions. But the fact is that the letter was just plain wrong about at least one thing: John McCain will not be “the first Republican” to address an annual La Raza convention, nor even the first high-profile Republican to do so — unless you consider Karl Rove, Arnold Schwarzenegger, George H.W.… Read more ...