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The State: American Party, Petition Candidates Take Political Stage in SC

By Cassie Cope:

The Americans hope to rise, the Greens say they are refocusing and two petition candidates have millions to throw into their own campaigns.

Thus far in 2014, that is the story of the wild card candidates — the third-party and petition hopefuls — who will be on November’s ballot, where one third party will disappear from statewide races, another is making its debut and two candidates with personal fortunes hope to make waves in the races for governor and the U.S.… Read more ...

Election Results for Labor Party, and Socialist Action Party

Ballot Access News:

In 2010, two very old political parties that had never appeared on the ballot in a partisan election finally decided to enter a partisan race. The Labor Party placed Brett Bursey on the South Carolina ballot for state representative, 69th district. He ran against a Democrat and a Republican and polled 442 votes, 3.1%.… Read more ...

Activists hope for a ‘mass party of labor’

At Hugh Giordano’s election night party in Philadelphia, there were two volunteers from this effort present, collecting signatures.  Incidentally, the numbers for Hugh’s race are wrong in the article below.  He actually got about 18 percent of the vote and came in about 2 percent behind the Republican.  Now, from the website In Defence of Marxism:

Unfortunately, the labor movement leaders did not offer any alternative to voting for the parties of the rich.

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