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Compilation of Candidate Statements for Open At-Large Position on the LNC

–This article was originally published October 1, 2012. I am re-posting it now because the meeting during which the Libertarian National Committee will make their selection is this weekend, in Washington DC.

There have been nine candidate statements sent to the Libertarian National Committee’s Chairman and Secretary to fill an open At-Large Representative position.… Read more ...

Larry Hutchison’s Candidate Statement for Libertarian National Committee’s Open At-Large Position


*There is a vacant seat on the LNC due to the departure of Wayne Allyn Root.
I am interested in filling that seat for the following reasons:

• I have never been on any committee in the past and bring a fresh perspective
• I have no political agenda other than the LP platform
• I will lobby to remove all the “politics” out of the LNC and focus on the mission and its execution
• I will lobby for 50 state ballot access in every election – with the goal of eliminating the last-minute crunch that appears to happen each election
• I will lobby on behalf of Libertarians everywhere to ensure the LNC behaves according to the party platform and its bylaws
• Because I have no committee or other obligations in the LP, I can maintain consistent neutrality in my dealings on all matters
• “I oppose the initiation of force for political or personal gain” is not just a statement for me, it’s my way of life

I don’t believe having experience in being “political” would benefit anyone who is looking to take this role on – as being “political” in any party to date hasn’t gotten us where we want or need to be.

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