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Barr, Nader, Baldwin: a fundraising comparison

George Phillies provides the following figures at
Last Free Voice

Chuck Baldwin: Last Month $35,377. To Date $131,457.

Ralph Nader: Last month: $658,040. To date: $2,977,570.

Bob Barr: Last month: $ 221,434 To date: $859,435
The August total is somewhat better than Mike Badnarik’s $178,000 for August 2004.

LNC, Inc.: Last Month: $134,085 To date: $1,180,856
The August LNC total is down 30% from the previous month.

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LNC (some of it, anyway) to sue for removal of Phillies from NH ballot

According to Last Free Voice:

The Libertarian Party (Libertarian National Committee, Incorporated) is apparently preparing to file suit against the New Hampshire Secretary of State. The lawsuit will demand that the state place Bob Barr on the ballot, and remove George Phillies from the ballot.

This suit is separate and distinct from the ACLU lawsuit in Massachusetts to substitute Bob Barr in place of George Phillies on the Massachusetts ballot.

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Mike Munger in (at least one) debate in NC

Posted at Last Free Voice by Susan Hogarth

The LP’s candidate for governor in NC, Mike Munger, has been formally invited to participate in at least one debate:

WSOC-TV the ABC Affiliate and WTVI the Public Broadcast Station in Charlotte, in partnership with the North Carolina and Charlotte-Mecklenburg League of Women Voters extend an invitation for your participation in a LIVE televised debate originating from the studios of WTVI in Charlotte.

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Bob Barr visits dueling progressive and conservative blogger conferences in Austin

from Slate at Last Free Voice:

What brings him to town? Barr is giving the keynote address this evening at RightOnline, the rival conservative blogger conference being held across the city. His Netroots Nation visit wasn’t anticipated, but conference political director Josh Orton said he was welcome as long as he paid the regular entrance fee.

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Bob Barr tells America what ‘Libertarian’ means

Posted at LFV by Tom Knapp. I realize Tom writes here too, so I held off on posting it here, but I think enough time has elapsed. My apologies if Tom still meant to post it here himself.

Libertarian Party presidential nominee Bob Barr, in an appearance yesterday morning on Fox News Sunday:

“[W]hat makes me a Libertarian is the fact that I deeply and truly believe in the Libertarian platform and what resonates with most Americans, and that is to shrink the size of the federal government.

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Steve Newton: North Carolina ballot access and party registration = Demopublican fascism

The following is posted on Last Free Voice by ElfNinosMom; the author is Steve Newton.
These same types of major party shenanigans to marginalize independents and smaller parties even after they overcome massive ballot access hurdles take place in states all over the country.

I’m sure that Ryan McTeague Beckwith of the Raleigh News and Observer thought this was funny:

The number of registered Libertarians has more than doubled.

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George Phillies’ statement to Massachusetts State Committee

I first received this several weeks ago. At that time George asked me to hold off on posting it. I note it has now been published at Last Free Voice.

Phillies Statement to the Massachusetts State Committee
(Edited from the May LPMass Minutes)

Last week I spent eight days in scenic Denver at our libertarian party national convention.

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Steve Kubby: ‘States’ Rights’ is an anti-libertarian concept

at Last Free Voice. It may or may not have something to do with

The following is published with the permission of the author, Steve Kubby. Steve Kubby is, of course, a highly respected longtime Libertarian activist, a former candidate for Governor of California, and a popular 2008 Libertarian presidential candidate.… Read more ...

BTP voting hacked by (not so) Vast Left Wing Conspiracy

Posted by ElfNinosMom at Last Free Voice

As previously noted, the Boston Tea Party’s online nomination convention was interrupted by someone who made multiple accounts on the same IP, and fraudulently voted.

Thanks to LFV’s own Vortex of Freedom, the “whodunit” has been solved. It turned out to be an attempt to alter the results of the convention by some folks in a forum at a site called ourcampaigns.comRead more ...

Suspected fraud in BTP online convention voting

posted at Last Free Voice by ElfNinosMom

In the Boston Tea Party’s online convention, there is some very serious concern about fraudulent voting.

It appears that some people may be creating multiple accounts – one seems to have as many as 12 accounts from the same IP – so they can vote multiple times; it appears those votes were cast for “None of the Above”, causing a situation wherein the top candidate for the VP slot was tied with NOTA.… Read more ...