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Dr. Laurie Roth: This is not about gay marriage but about banishing God from American life

The following was posted by Joshua Fauver on the Independent American & Constitutional Review on June 29, 2013.

The following was posted by Dr. Laurie Roth on June 26, 2013 on RenewAmerica Dr. Laurie Roth is a nationally-syndicated radio talk-show host. She ran for the Constitution Party’s presidential nomination in 2012 and came in last (fifth place), with 6 votes, or 1.49%.
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Laurie Roth Ends Presidential Bid Due to Lack of “ballot access, money, or infrastructure”

Laurie Roth is a conservative talk radio show host based in Washington. She ran for the Presidential nomination of the Constitution Party, receiving little support from delegates. She was also in contention for the presidential nomination of the American Independent Party in California. However, she recently ended her presidential campaign.… Read more ...

California American Independent Party Primary Results

On Tuesday, members of the right-wing American Independent Party had the opportunity to vote in the non-binding California primary for three candidates seeking their presidential nomination.

With all precincts reporting, former American Independent Party chairman Edward C. Noonan won with 13,557 votes, 39.4% of the total. Radio host Laurie Roth came in second with 12,771 votes (37.1%), and Mad Max Riekse finished third with 8,083 (23.5%).… Read more ...

Laurie Roth Encourages RenewAmerica Readers to Help Her Continue Presidential Campaign

Laurie Roth is a talk show host in the Northwest United States who recently campaigned for the Presidential nomination of the Constitution Party in 2012. Roth lost, receiving only a handful of delegates at the Constitution Party National Convention, but has apparently decided to continue her run for President as an Independent.… Read more ...

American Independent Party Convention Postponed, Orly Taitz Endorses Laurie Roth

The American Independent Party is the largest ballot-qualified party in California according to registration numbers. The party has stated its preference to have a presidential candidate on the ballot in 2012, but it is not at all clear what candidate the convention will choose. The American Independent Party has moved its convention back by two months, from June 8th to August 11th.… Read more ...

Laurie Roth Weighing Whether to Continue Presidential Run

Having lost the Constitution Party nomination for President on the first ballot, securing only a handful of votes, Laurie Roth is still giving thought to continuing her campaign for the Presidency of the United States.

She said she felt called by God to run, and she sought the nomination partly because it’s difficult for an independent to meet different laws in the 50 states to make the ballot.

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Constitution Party: Presidential Nomination Vote Breakdown by State

The Constitution Party National Convention is coming to a close and the news is coming in fast. We reported earlier today that Virgil Goode had won the Presidential nomination of the party with 203 of 403 possible votes. This is how the votes were cast by state:

AZ: 6 votes for Castle
CA: 8 votes for Goode
CO: 9 votes for Goode, 5 votes for Wells
CT: 1 vote for Castle, 1 vote for Goode, 1 vote for Wells
FL: 5 votes for Castle, 25 votes for Goode, 5 votes for Wells
GA: 2 votes for Goode, 2 votes for Wells
IL: 1 vote for Castle, 4 votes for Wells
IN: 2 votes for Castle, 1 for Wells
IA: 7 votes for Goode
KS: 10 votes for Ducey
LA: 8 votes for Goode
MD: 1 vote for Castle, 7 votes for Goode, 1 vote for Roth, 6 votes for Wells
MA: 3 votes for Goode
MI: 5 votes for Ducey, 10 votes for Goode, 5 votes for Roth, 6 votes for Wells
MN: 6 votes for Castle, 2 votes for Goode, 6 votes for Wells
MS: 6 votes for Castle, 2 votes for Goode, 4 votes for Wells
MO: 11 votes for Goode, 7 votes for Wells
NE: 5 votes for Goode
NV: 10 votes for Goode
NJ: 11 votes for Castle, 11 votes for Goode
NY: 3 votes for Castle, 2 votes for Goode, 3 votes for Wells
NC: 2 votes for Goode, 1 vote for Wells
OH: 20 votes for Goode
OK: 9 votes for Goode
PA: 2 votes for Castle, 10 votes for Goode
SC: 15 votes for Castle
SD: 9 votes for Castle, 1 vote for Goode, 1 vote for Wells
TN: 20 votes for Castle
TX: 3 for Castle, 3 for Goode
UT: 13 votes for Castle, 3 votes for Goode
VT: 3 votes for Goode
VA: 23 votes for Goode
WA: 16 votes for Castle, 3 votes for Goode
WV: 6 votes for Wells
WY: 3 votes for Goode

Goode did not win the nomination until the very last state, Wyoming, awarded its vote.… Read more ...

Constitution Party Presidential Candidates Answer Extensive Questionaires

There are five presidential candidates vying for the nomination of the Constitution Party. Each of them answered a questionnaire which was put out by the Constitution Party of Indiana a couple of months ago. They are posted online. Michael Kennedy of Maryland, Laurie Roth of Washington, Susan Ducey of Kansas, Robby Wells of North Carolina, and Virgil Goode of Virginia.… Read more ...

Randy Stufflebeam Gives His Reasoning for Running for National Chair for the Constitution Party

In an interview with a BlogTalkRadio show host, Aaron Lyles, Randy Stufflebeam gives his reasoning for wanting to run for National Chairman of the Constitution Party.

The full interview can be heard here. As of now, no other candidate has announced as chair. Outgoing chair, Jim Clymer, has not endorsed anyone, either.… Read more ...

Goode Says Constitution Party Presidential Race is “Wide Open Affair”

Virgil Goode was interviewed in The Roanoke Times, a local paper in Virginia, about his quest for the Presidential nomination of the Constitution Party. Goode isn’t taking anything for granted, though.

Before then, however, Goode has to secure the party’s nomination. He faces a number of other candidates including syndicated radio talk show host Laurie Roth and former Savannah State University football coach Robby Wells.

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Video of Constitution Party Presidential Debate, March 31, 2012

On March 31, 2012, four Constitution Party candidates for President held a debate in Lansing, Michigan. The four candidates were Dr. Laurie Roth, Susan Ducey, former U.S. Rep. Virgil Goode, and former Savannah State football coach Robby Wells. The video is below; thanks to WKTV and the U.S. Taxpayers Party Michigan for making the video available on YouTube.… Read more ...

Laurie Roth Makes Independent Run for President, Says AIP Will Put Her On the Ballot

Laurie Roth is a nationally syndicated radio talk show host based out of Washington. Roth’s talk show is reflective of her own conservative beliefs. Ms. Roth has, in the past, been active at the local level in the GOP, but has now announced a run for President in which she will seek the ballot-lines of Independent parties in various states.… Read more ...