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Illinois Green Party to protest exclusion of Rich Whitney from debates

Dave Schwab at Green Party Watch:

Even after Illinois Green Party gubernatorial candidate Rich Whitney got over 10% of the vote in 2006 and established the Green Party as a major party under Illinois law, the Illinois League of Women Voters is refusing to let Whitney debate the Republican and Democratic candidates in Chicago on Wednesday, October 20th.… Read more ...

Free and Equal: Pennsylvania Political Insiders Intimidate Third Party and Independent Candidates to Drop Out of Races on Threat of Extensive Challenge Fees

HARRISBURG, Pa. – Every third party or independent candidate who filed for statewide office this year has been removed from the ballot in a blatant display of intimidation. Organizers from several political parties and voter rights organizations held a press conference, August 23, to explain what happened and why.

Attending were: state Sen.… Read more ...

Libertarian John Jay Myers (TX-32): League of Women Voters Answers

LWV questions

Myers responses:

1. Please describe the training and experience that qualify you for this office. (50 words)

I have read and understood the Constitution of the United States. I understand that our country is going bankrupt, and that we can no longer continue to spend money on policing the world or running a corporate welfare state.… Read more ...

2004 Nader Campaign Manager spoke to League of Women Voters in Maine

(excerpt from) Ballot Access News
Theresa Amato, Nader Campaign Manager in 2004, Speaks to Maine League of Women Voters State Convention

May 2nd, 2009

The League of Women Voters is holding its state convention May 1-2, at Bowdoin College, Brunswick. The speaker for May 2nd…is Theresa Amato, Ralph Nader’s campaign manager in 2000 and 2004… Amato is about to publish a book about Nader’s 2004 campaign, focusing on the historically unprecedented attempts by the Democratic Party to prevent voters from voting for Nader…The book, to be published soon by The New Press, is titled, “The Grand Illusion: the Myth of Voter Choice in a Two-Party Tyranny.”

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