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Green Shadow Cabinet: President Obama: Now’s the time to embrace diplomacy with Iran

September 23, 2013

Leah Bolger, Secretary of Defense, Foreign Affairs Branch

Three months ago we wrote that the election of Hassan Rouhani as the President of Iran presented a golden opportunity for improved relations between Iran and the United States. We noted his moderate positions, experience in nuclear negotiations, and public promise to release political prisoners.

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Occupy Radio talks with the Green Shadow Cabinet

Monday, September 16, 2013

Occupy Radio

Occupy Radio interviews Green Shadow Cabinet Secretary of Defence, Leah Bolger, about the offensive paradigm ruling our nation’s defense, and what America could be spending billions of dollars on instead.

Leah Bolger, Secretary of Defence –  –

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Green Shadow Cabinet stands with Bradley Manning

Justice: Green Shadow Cabinet stands with Bradley Manning

May 30, 2013

Justice Branch and Foreign Affairs Branch, Green Shadow Cabinet

Bradley Manning is a whistleblower who has exposed the policies and practices of the U.S. governmnet’s domination and hegemony. From Tunisia to Yemen, Sweden to Washington, DC, the documents expose the operation of U.S.… Read more ...

Green Shadow Cabinet: Obama’s misuse of AUMF is unconstitutional, unconscionable

Published on the Green Shadow Cabinet’s website:

May 21, 2013
Leah Bolger & Ben Manski

The following is a joint statement of Green Shadow Cabinet officers Leah Bolger, Secretary of Defense, and Ben Manski, Chief of Staff, regarding the 2001 Authorization for the Use of Military Force (2001 AUMF):

This past Thursday, Obama administration officials testifying before the U.S.… Read more ...