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Lee Wrights Addresses the Question of Running for President in 2016

I am the king of me

Lee Wrights

Okay, the inquiries are starting to come in so allow me to make my position clear. No, I will not seek the LP presidential nomination in 2016. No, I am not prepared to endorse anyone for that nomination at this time. No, I will not run for governor of your state.

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Lee Wrights Will be on Freedom Rings Radio Show Monday AM

Found on the Lee Wrights for Texas Governor Facebook page

Lee Wrights will be on the Freedom Rings radio show this coming Monday, August 26th at 9:00 am Central. The live broadcast originates from the WRMN 1410 AM studios in downtown Elgin, IL.

Wrights will be promoting his forthcoming appearance at the Libertarian Party of Illinois convention next month.… Read more ...

Jay Miller: My Letter to LNC Vice-Chairman, R. Lee Wrights

Posted on the Lee Wrights for Texas Governor page on August 6, 2013: 

R. Lee Wrights (L): is the current Vice-Chairman of the Libertarian Party National Committee (2004-2006, 2012-Present), President of Foundation for a Free Society, Part-Founder of Liberty For All,  a former 2012 candidate for the Libertarian Party Nomination for President, the former campaign manager of the 2008 Mary Ruwart for President campaign, and the former Vice-Chair of the Libertaran Party of North Carolina (serving 7 years).… Read more ...

Major Donation Given to Lee Wrights for Governor Campaign

Lee Wrights, who is currently exploring a Libertarian Party run for Texas Governor

Originally published August 5, 2013 on Wrights2014.com:

Major Donation Received By Wrights for Texas Governor

An offer of considerable support prompted Lee Wrights to follow Texas Ethics Committee guidelines by establishing a committee and bank account so we could legally collect donations.… Read more ...

Lee Wrights Considering Run for Texas Governor

From Thomas Hill:

Yes, the rumors are true. Lee Wrights is interested in seeking the LP Texas nomination for governor. We are gauging interest and collecting pledges of support. Lee has made himself perfectly clear to me. He will not seek the nomination without serious and substantial support up front! Help me show Lee your love and support.

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Elmer Whittaker: Questionable Inaction By The LNC

Elmer Whittaker is an activist involved in the Libertarian Party of Nevada (LPN). The following was published on his blog, Liberty and Bliss. The LPN situation has been well chronicled on IPR, one needs to only do quick search in the search box to learn more. 

Questionable Inaction By The LNC

Published June 15, 2013

By Elmer Whittaker

 After the Libertarian Party’s Chairman Geoffrey Neale’s completely uncalled for letter of apology, which Vice-Chairman R.
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LNC Moves Forward on Buying a Building

Sent to IPR by Chuck Moulton

This is a draft of minutes from a conference call to discuss buying this building by The National Libertarian Executive Committee

The meeting was called to order at 9:10 PM (all times Eastern) to discuss whether to enter into formal negotiations to purchase an office suite at 1101 King Street in Alexandria, VA to serve as the National Headquarters.… Read more ...

Brett H. Pojunis Writes to LNC to be Included on their Next Meeting’s Agenda

Found on Facebook

Brett Pojunis on Libertarian Party of Nevada’s Page

I am going to keep you updated on everything with the Nevada situation. After the Agenda item email went out and was accepted by our Chariman, the board started making statements that the LNC should NOT get involved.

Unfortunately, I am forced to shake things up.… Read more ...

Joshua Katz: A Message From the CT Delegation Chair

From an article sent to the LP-CT opinions list:

There can be no denying that our party is deeply divided.  In fact, we’re so divided that the factions cannot even agree about the nature of our disagreement.  One side believes that we differ, mostly along the same fault lines, on two issues. … Read more ...

Judge Jim Gray of California Wins Vice Presidential Nomination of the Libertarian Party

Judge Jim Gray: 357 votes, 59.5%

Lee Wrights 229 votes, 38.167%

Jim Burns 6 votes, 1%

NOTA 7 votes, 1.6%

On the first ballot, Judge Jim Gray of California wins the vice presidential nomination of the Libertarian Party in 2012. Gray thanks Wrights for being a gentleman and said he looked forward to debating Biden.… Read more ...

Token count for LP presidential candidates

After more than a day of campaigns trying to round up tokens in order to appear in the debate and be considered for the nomination, the count is in for the Libertarian Party’s presidential candidates.

To participate in the debate, a candidate must receive 53 tokens. However, only 30 are required to have their name placed into nomination.… Read more ...