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Let’s Look at the Issues: Consumer spending

What does Nobel laureate economist Paul Krugman have to say about the recent decline in consumer spending? Let’s take a look at his perspective and prescription, from the New York Times:

The long-feared capitulation of American consumers has arrived. According to Thursday’s G.D.P. report, real consumer spending fell at an annual rate of 3.1 percent in the third quarter; real spending on durable goods (stuff like cars and TVs) fell at an annual rate of 14 percent.

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Let’s look at the issues: The War on Terror

Tonight, I will begin a series of posts entitled “Let’s look at the issues.” These will attempt to stay away from the superficial and divisive aspects of electioneering. They will hopefully offer readers a perspective on important issues at stake in this election, with background, candidate positions, and various opinions on the issues.Â… Read more ...