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ME-Gov: Independent Eliot Cutler Receives Avalanche of Endorsements

In Maine’s gubernatorial race, it appears that Independent candidate Eliot Cutler has all the momentum.  Republican front-runner Paul LePage has maintained a weak lead with roughly 33% support in the polls, while support has begun to erode for Democrat Libby Mitchell.  But support for Cutler has doubled over the last month, leaving him poised to give LePage a run for his money on election day. … Read more ...

Maine Gov: Independent Cutler Poised to Overtake Democrat, Many Voters Remain Undecided


From the Portland Press Herald:

A dramatic shift appears to have occurred among voters in Maine’s gubernatorial race and in one congressional contest, according to a new independent poll released Thursday.  Independent Eliot Cutler moved up substantially to a statistical second-place tie with Democrat Libby Mitchell, who lost support compared with earlier polls.

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Maine Gov race: Democrats and Republicans Boost Independent Eliot Cutler

From the Journal Tribune via TPID:

Maine’s two major political parties have been doing a marvelous job advocating for one of the state’s gubernatorial candidates. But neither Democrats nor Republicans are making a convincing case for their own party’s nominee. The aspirant they’ve unwittingly been boosting is an independent. .… Read more ...

Shawn Moody Opening Field Offices Throughout Maine

Shawn Moody, a self-funding Independent candidate for Governor of Maine, has an interesting strategy to expand his campaign’s visibility among the public. Local station WABI reports:

One of the three Independent candidates for Maine Governor announced Wednesday that he’s opening up 20 new field offices all over the state. Shawn Moody says he’ll open the offices at various small businesses that are supporting his campaign.

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Eliot Cutler News Roundup

  • For an Independent candidate, it is often a compliment to your success when people start attacking you. Cutler has earned himself an attack site from critics. Dubbed the “Secret File on Eliot Cutler”, its owners (or owner?) are completely anonymous and like to compare themselves to Deep Throat or Thomas Paine.
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Maine Democratic Gubernatorial Nominee Will Only Participate in Debates that Invite all Five Candidates

Ballot Access News:

Libby Mitchell, Democratic nominee for Governor of Maine, says she will not participate in any gubernatorial debates that don’t invite all five ballot-listed candidates to participate. There are three independents on the November ballot, along with the Democratic and Republican nominees. See this story. Thanks to Thomas MacMillan for the link.… Read more ...

Eliot Cutler Holds Steady in ME Gubernatorial Race

Despite recent celebrity appearances, Eliot Cutler has not seen a significant bump in polling. A poll from Rasmussen released earlier today had Cutler trailing at 16%, behind Republican Paul LePage at 38% and Democrat Libby Mitchell at 30%. This is essentially unchanged from Rasmussen’s last poll of the race, which had Cutler at 15% support.… Read more ...

Eliot Cutler Polls 7% in Maine

Maine is one of the rare states in which there is a recent history of voting for third party candidate and independents. Eliot Cutler is an independent candidate for Governor of the Pine Tree State. Rasmussen recently polled the gubernatorial race in Maine and found that Cutler polled 7%.

The first Rasmussen Reports telephone survey of the race finds LePage earning the support of 43% of Likely Voters in the state, while Democrat Libby Mitchell picks up 36% of the vote.

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