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Posts tagged as “libertarian candidate”

James Burns: Democracy? Part 3

An article from Jim Burns, Libertarian for President:

Many libertarians act as if they believe that the purpose and highest value of the Libertarian Party (LP) is democracy: Also, that the LP should speak with one duly elected voice. Many believe that the reason for the lack of success of the LP is sometimes a Libertarian “spokesperson” is perceived as a kook, screwball, and/or creepy and thereby has destroyed the message of the LP.… Read more ...

Sacramento Bee runs piece by Libertarian candidate for Secretary of State Christina Tobin

Election activist and Libertarian candidate for Secretary of State in California Christina Tobin has had an anti-Proposition 14 (for top two primaries) piece run in the Sacramento Bee:

Kresky misstates Nader’s position since many independents and minor parties are rightfully against Proposition 14.

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