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Posts tagged as “Libertarian Party controversies”

Liberty for America February 2011 issue is out

George Phillies’ Liberty for America has come out with a February 2011 issue, which can be read in full at the second link.

The headlines, some of which have been already posted as IPR stories, and others which may or may not in the coming days:

LSLA Meeting Cancelled
LP Oregon Sets State Convention
New Hampshire Liberty Forum Cancelled
LP California Sets State Convention
Libertarian State Parties Raise Federal Money
Assange News Even Better Than Previously Reported
Massachusetts Circulates Newsletter
Rhode Island Party Starts Issuing Press Releases
LNC Receives Proposed Budget
LNC Seemingly Violates By-laws, Lets ExComm Appoint New Treasurer
Knedler Appointed to LNC ExComm
Can He Actually Stop With One?
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