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Token Count Currently Favors Gary Johnson, Then Lee Wrights

The token system at the Libertarian Party National Convention is a way to determine which Presidential (and Vice Presidential) candidates will be able to participate in the debate on Friday night (which is being shown, live, on C-SPAN). Over at the Reason Hit&Run blog they have some coverage of this token system, as well as pictures.… Read more ...

The Libertarian Party National Convention in Pictures: Part 1

A view of the convention floor on Thursday.

Presidential candidate Jim Burns greeting delegates as they wait to check in.


Anti-Fair Tax posters, clearly posted in protest of Gary Johnson’s tax position.


A sign for the campaign of Presidential candidate Lee Wrights.

Wayne Root introducing former Governor and current Presidential candidate Gary Johnson to a campaign fundraising event.… Read more ...

Libertarian Party National Convention to be Broadcast On C-SPAN

While the mainstream media channels often provide very little coverage to third party national conventions, C-SPAN is going to provide fairly extensive coverage of the 2012 Libertarian Party National Convention.

On Friday night, from 9pm until 11pm (Eastern timezone), C-SPAN will provide coverage which it is billing as: “Road to the Whitehouse: 2012 Libertarian Nat’l Convention & Presidential Debate”.… Read more ...

LP Media Release: Libertarian Party’s National Convention May 3-6 in Las Vegas

Press Release

For Immediate Release
Monday, April 30, 2012

Libertarian Party’s National Convention May 3-6 in Las Vegas


WASHINGTON – The Libertarian Party will hold the National Libertarian Convention at the Red Rock Resort in Las Vegas, Nev., from May 3rd through May 6th to select the Presidential and Vice Presidential nominees, adopt any changes to the platform and choose top party officials.

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Johnson Switch Mentioned IN USA Today

From USAToday:

Former New Mexico governor Gary Johnson will abandon his GOP presidential bid and seek the White House under the Libertarian Party banner.

Johnson has drawn scant attention in the race for the Republican Party nomination and barely registered in national public opinion polls, which are often used as a criteria for participation in debates.… Read more ...

Mary Ruwart: Open letter to the Florida and Idaho Libertarian Party State Executive Committees

By Mary Ruwart at Liberty for All. Republished with permission from Liberty for All publisher Lee Wrights.

by Mary J. Ruwart, LNC At-large

Dear Colleagues,

I am writing to you in my capacity as an At-Large Representative of the Libertarian National Committee (LNC), which is in receipt of your resolutions concerning Mr.Read more ...

David Nolan proposes resolution for LNC consideration

As reported by George Phillies in IPR comments, Libertarian Party co-founder David Nolan has proposed the following resolution to be considered at this weekend’s LNC meeting:

“WHEREAS the Libertarian Party can grow only by attracting new members and supporters, and

“WHEREAS libertarianism is a unique political philosophy, distinct from both contemporary liberalism and contemporary conservatism, and

“WHEREAS we need the support of both former liberals and former conservatives who have come to realize that libertarianism and the Libertarian Party offer a better path to achieving a just, humane and prosperous society

“The Libertarian National Committee hereby resolves that our party, its representatives and staff should always state clearly and unequivocally that we welcome individuals from across the political spectrum who now accept the libertarian principles of self-ownership and non-aggression.”… Read more ...

St. Louis Beacon: Libertarian Party Votes to Stay True To Its Past

The St. Louis Beacon, one of the area newspapers for St. Louis, Missouri, reports on the Libertarian Party National Convention in this article as a battle between the traditions of the past and possible future directions.

Sunday afternoon, more than 500 delegates from around the country selected a new party chairman in a battle that exemplified the tug between two party factions: one camp favors reaching out to the socially conservative Tea Party movement, and the other side preaches standing firm on longstanding libertarian principles.

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Mark Rutherford Defeats Carolyn Marbry to Become Vice Chair of Libertarian Party

The election for Vice Chairman of the Libertarian Party took place immediately after the election of Mark Hinkle as Chairman. The contest pitted Mark Rutherford, of Indiana, against Carolyn Marbry, of California. The final results, after one round of voting, were:

Mark Rutherford: 285
Carolyn Marbry: 201… Read more ...

Article Says Libertarian Party Wants To Appeal to Teapartiers

According to this article, one of the raging topics at the Libertarian Party National Convention in St. Louis, Missouri, is how best to reach out to, and benefit from, tea party membership.

Whether and how to woo Tea Party followers to their party is one of the big issues at the Libertarian Party national convention this weekend in downtown St.

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Pictures From the Libertarian Party National Chairman Debate

I was unfortunately unable to find an individual picture of George Phillies at the podium, but he was included in the shot of all the candidates at the table and participated during the debate. Thanks to Nicholas Sarwark and Mark Noble for pictures via Twitter.… Read more ...

Various Events At Libertarian Party National Convention, Bylaws Voting By Mail

Thomas Knapp reports from the Radical Caucus Lunch, an informal meeting of that caucus, that there were over 50 delegates present.

He was also present at the founding of the Non-Intervention Caucus, which I am told was “well attended” by delegates, I’ll try to find numbers for attendance. It’s purpose is to oppose the platform committee recommendation on plank 3.3, concerning war, and to defend the existing language of that platform plank.… Read more ...