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Open Thread for Libertarian Party of CA Convention


Daniel Wiener: What if Republicans Hijack California’s Libertarian Convention?


Libertarian Party e-mail masthead with eagle-flame torch logo, slogan "Shrinking Big Government - Advancing Liberty," and address & phone number.
Will you please attend the Libertarian Party of California’s state convention on April 1st through the 3rd in Los Angeles to make sure Republicans don’t take it over?

Here’s the ugly, worst-case scenario:  Donald Trump is close to locking up the Republican nomination.  Establishment Republicans turn to Plan B, which is to run a 3rd-party candidate against Trump.  But ballot access at this late date is incredibly difficult and expensive, unless they hijack the only existing 3rd party which is already headed towards 50-state ballot status – the Libertarian Party.  So they flood LP state conventions and then the national convention with Republicans who will overwhelm the true libertarians and vote for Mitt Romney as the Libertarian Party’s Presidential candidate.

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