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Open Thread for Discussing California Libertarian Convention, Weekend of April 5 – 7

The Libertarian Party of CA will hold their annual convention the weekend of April 5 to 7. It’s being held at the Concord Crowne Plaza in Northern California in Concord, and promises to be a great time as we elect some new officers and handle other party business.

I’m setting up this thread for anyone who wishes to notify the group of things that happen.… Read more ...

Mimi Robson: California needs a strong alternative to the Democratic establishment. Look to the Libertarians.

The Republican Party is finally realizing what the Libertarian Party has known for decades: California is best when the voters have options. Jessica Millan Patterson, Chair of the California Republican Party, recently wrote, “Republicans have both an opportunity and a responsibility to stand up and offer a viable alternative to the Democrats and give voters a real choice.”… Read more ...

Nickolas Wildstar, Libertarian Candidate for Governor of CA, Issues Campaign Announcement

Hi! I’m Nickolas Wildstar and I’m running for Governor! California has been my home for over 18 years and during that time I’ve watched as the state went through extraordinary changes, both good and bad. But one thing that seems to have been consistent nationwide is the corporate takeover of America.… Read more ...

Libertarian Party of California Elects New Regional Representative

Jeff Hewitt

Mr. Jeff Hewitt was elected as the new Regional Representative for Region 4, which includes California, New Mexico and Nevada, to the Libertarian National Committee. Mr. Hewitt now serves as mayor of Calimesa, CA, and is running for the State Assembly. He has also recently regrouped the Libertarian Party of Riverside.… Read more ...

Daniel Wiener: What if Republicans Hijack California’s Libertarian Convention?


Libertarian Party e-mail masthead with eagle-flame torch logo, slogan "Shrinking Big Government - Advancing Liberty," and address & phone number.
Will you please attend the Libertarian Party of California’s state convention on April 1st through the 3rd in Los Angeles to make sure Republicans don’t take it over?

Here’s the ugly, worst-case scenario:  Donald Trump is close to locking up the Republican nomination.  Establishment Republicans turn to Plan B, which is to run a 3rd-party candidate against Trump. 

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Libertarian Party of CA State Convention – April 1 – 3 Gets an Updated Website

LPC header-beta (1)

The Libertarian Party of California State Convention is coming up April 1–3 at the Hilton Los Angeles Airport. This will be the gala Libertarian event of the Spring, with a presidential candidate debate, dynamic speakers, and California LP business, too. Interested in important party business, freedom-oriented speakers and noshing with fellow Libertarians?… Read more ...

Ted Brown: Two Libertarian Events Coming Up in California

So Cal Regional Conference Jan. 23; Activist Training Feb. 12-14

Dear Jill C. Pyeatt,

Two exciting (and reasonably priced) events are coming up soon, one in Southern California and one in Northern California.  I hope you will join us.

So Cal Libertarian Party Conference – Saturday, January 23 in Santa Fe Springs:

The 7th annual So Cal conference is coming up soon – on Saturday, January 23.  

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LA Newsrag: Vermin Supreme Meets with California Libertarians, Discusses Presidential Bid


Posted to the LA Newsrag

Vermin Supreme Meets With California Libertarians, Discusses Presidential Bid

By Jonny Stryder

October 22, 2015

Might Mr. Supreme appear on the 2016 primary ballot as a Libertarian competitor to the nominee of the National Libertarian Party? Whether the thought makes you grin, grimace or shrug, Vermin was on hand to greet local Libertarian supporters and help raise funds to support the Southern California Conference of Libertarian Parties planned for January 23, 2016.… Read more ...

Libertarian Party of California Announces 2016 Convention

LPC header-beta

A letter sent out by the Libertarian Party of California’s chairman, Ted Brown, included the details of the 2016 Convention. The text of the entire letter is posted below, with the convention details highlighted by this writer.

Dear Jill C. Pyeatt,

I want to keep you updated about what’s going on in the Libertarian Party of California.

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Libertarian Party of California Supports Referendum to Reverse Mandatory Vaccinations Bill Recently Signed by CA Governor

ted brown

Ted Brown, the chairman of the Libertarian Party of CA, has made this announcement on Facebook today:


Ted Brown, chairman of the Libertarian Party of California, has announced that our state party will be endorsing the referendum to overturn the mandatory vaccination law which was recently passed in CA.  Said Mr.… Read more ...

IPR Writer Jill Pyeatt to Star in Upcoming Reality Show

scavenger hunt

IPR writer Jill Pyeatt is taking some time off because of signing a contract to do a reality show. Filming for a program planned for fall of 2015, the show is called “The Great Scavenger Hunt”, and will feature some average people who have found themselves spending lots on time on the Internet.… Read more ...

Ted Brown Announces He’s Running for Chairman, Libertarian Party of California

ted @ ted

Dear Fellow Libertarians,

I have decided to run for Chair of the Libertarian Party of California. The state convention will be held on Sunday, May 31, in Las Vegas, Nevada. I urge you to attend and to support my candidacy.

The California LP has fallen on hard times over the last few years.… Read more ...