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Nickolas Wildstar Seeking to Be the First Black Governor of California

Nickolas and Crystal Wildstar
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Nickolas Wildstar Seeking To Be the First Black Governor of California

Political activist and rap artist Nickolas Wildstar is running for governor as a candidate of the Libertarian party in the 2018 California Gubernatorial election. Were he to win he would be the first Black person to ever be elected as governor.… Read more ...

Zoltan Istvan: Why I’m Running for Governor of California as a Libertarian

Posted as an Opinion piece to Newsweek

February 12, 2017

My thirties started off in countries ravaged by environmental destruction and dictatorships. Back then, I was a journalist for National Geographic, spending most of my time abroad, even though I still called Los Angeles—my birth city—home. In the 100+ countries I visited, I reported on some harrowing stories: the Killing Fields in Cambodia, the near total deforestation of Paraguay, and the tense nuclear stand-off between India and Pakistan.… Read more ...

California Libertarian Angela McArdle Files To Run For Congress In Special Election

My name is Angela McArdle and I am running for Congress as the Libertarian nominee in the April 4th election for California’s 34th District, which covers most of downtown LA and its adjacent neighborhoods. In case you didn’t know, there’s a special election in my district because the former congressman received an appointment to become California’s Attorney General.… Read more ...

Melinda Pillsbury-Foster: Remembering and Sharing A Time in the History of the Libertarian Party of California


Melinda (1)

In 1988 I left the Libertarian Party. This was not a decision lightly made. For years I had watched as the LP grew less and less focused on local action and more taken up with power at the national level. The issues on self-determination, freedom, impacting my own life, and those I loved, had been dismissed by my fellow Libertarians as irrelevant, unimportant, or unnecessary.… Read more ...

California Libertarian Party Member Boomer Shannon Launches Write-in Campaign


California will have its primary on June 7th. There are several races where only the incumbent is on the ballot. This has inspired a write-in campaign from a long-time Libertarian activist, known to most of us as Matthew “Boomer” Shannon.

He’ll be running in the 49th Assembly district, against incumbent Edward Lau (Democrat).… Read more ...

US Senate Candidate from LP of California Gail Lightfoot Discusses Being a Libertarian

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Gail Lightfoot b

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No one today understands what it was to be a Conservative or why we, as Libertarians, came together in support of freedom.

Most of us awakened to the ideas of freedom during the Goldwater Campaign.

That position was not Right or Left, it was a pure expression of hunger for something we knew should be available to each of us.… Read more ...

Libertarian Party of Canada leader Tim Moen gives speech at LP California convention

From American Third Party Report, April 7th, 2016:

On April 2nd, 2016, Tim Moen, the leader of the Libertarian Party of Canada, spoke at the Libertarian Party of California’s state convention. The speech, entitled “Audacity of Hopelessness,” has been posted to YouTube. While it does not feature actual footage of the event, the 43 minute video features an audio recording of Moen’s speech accompanied by pictures and quotes by Moen.… Read more ...

Presidential Straw Poll at CA LP Convention Shows Johnson as Winner, McAfee in Second Place

straw poll

There was a straw poll taken at the end of the Libertarian Party of California’s convention yesterday at a Hilton by the Los Angeles airport. This is following a debate among ten of the candidates the previous evening. Here are the results:

Gary Johnson 19 votes
John McAfee 9 votes
Vermin Supreme 7 votes
Austin Petersen 5 votes
Kevin McCormick 2 votes
Darryl Perry 2 votes
Marc Feldman 1 vote
Joy Waymire 1 vote
Sam Sloan 1 vote
NOTA (None of the Above) 1 vote

Candidates in attendance for the debate were, in alphabetical order: Marc Allan Feldman, Gary Johnson, John McAfee, Kevin McCormick, Austin Wade Petersen, Derrick Michael Reid, Rhett Smith, Sam Sloan, Joy Waymire, and Heidi Zeman.… Read more ...

Open Thread for Questions for Gary Johnson, Candidate for the Libertarian Party’s Presidential Nomination


I’ll be at the California convention this weekend, as will Gary Johnson. I haven’t confirmed an interview with him, but I did hear back from someone in his campaign, and I plan to pursue it at the convention. So, IF I’m able to catch a few minutes with Mr. Johnson–what would you like for me to ask him?… Read more ...

Message from the LPC Chair – Ted Brown‏


Ted Brown

I received this email this evening.

November 20, 2016


Dear Jill C. Pyeatt,

I have a lot of good news to report!


The Libertarian Party of California state convention will be held April 1 – 3 at the Hilton at Los Angeles Airport, near LAX.  The contract has been signed, and our convention committee headed by Mark Hinkle is in the process of bringing an excellent set of speakers on board. … Read more ...