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Marc Montoni: New Colorado Gov is Same-Old-Same-Old

A Colorado Libertarian’s Response to ‘The 2019 Fat-State Address’ by Jared Polis

By Marc Montoni

In his first “state of the state” address on January 10, 2019, new Colorado governor Jared Polis proved something: Namely, he is just another in a long line of tax-spend-regulate-subsidize-suppress-penalize political hacks who think they have any moral right to govern the affairs of private individuals.… Read more ...

Jay Stooksberry: The One Reason We Can’t Solve the Gendered-Bathroom Issue

Bloke or Sheila? Caballero or Señora? Sailor or Mermaid? Stallion or Filly?

We’ve all been there before—excusing ourselves from our meal while we dine out at our favorite local restaurant, only to find ourselves at a curious crossroads of picking the appropriate (yet obnoxiously-named) gender-specific bathroom.

This has become a hot topic of late—the gender-specific bathrooms that is, not the obnoxious names.… Read more ...

Colorado L.P. declines to invite Petersen to state convention, citing his repudiation of Libertarian principles

From the Libertarian Party of Colorado: 

Libertarian Party of Colorado: Statement Regarding Austin Petersen and its 2016 State Convention

Questions have recently arisen about the decision of the Board of Directors of the Libertarian Party of Colorado to refrain from an extending an invitation to Austin Petersen to attend its Presidential debate at its State Convention.

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Lily Tang Williams announces candidacy for Colorado U.S. Senate seat as a Libertarian

Press Release:


Lily Tang Williams , a Chinese immigrant from People’s Republic of China, who is the State Chair of the Libertarian Party of Colorado, State Director of Our America Initiative, recent graduate of Leadership of the Rockies Class 2015, self-employed entrepreneur, professional speaker, grassroots liberty activist, and a Common Core fighter, announces her candidacy for U.S.… Read more ...

Opportunity to Meet Libertarian Presidential Candidate Steve Kerbel in Parker, Colorado on December 17, 2015

12067110_10205090623165244_369993756_nLibertarian Presidential candidate Steve Kerbel will be attending the Libertarian Party of Colorado’s Volunteer Meet-Up in order to mingle with local Libertarians. Please take this opportunity to come out and meet him and see how you might get involved with the Libertarian movement in Colorado. There will be a free taco bar and free adults beverages to attendees.… Read more ...

CO court rejects Libertarian appeal of term-limits ruling

Via timescall.com:

The Colorado Court of Appeals has rejected Boulder County Libertarian Party chairman Ralph Shnelvar’s effort to get it to rule that a partial term should count against term limits when it comes to a county commissioner’s ability to seek re-election.

At issue was whether incumbent Commissioner Cindy Domenico should have been allowed to seek another full four-year term in last year’s elections.

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Lily Williams: My Journey from Tyranny to Liberty

Lily Williams

This was sent to me by Lily Williams. It was posted to Freedomworks August 27, 2014.

Lily Tang Williams is running for the House of Representative, District 44, as a Libertarian in the state of Colorado. You can find her website here .

I am an Chinese immigrant who come to America to seek freedom from the Communist China.

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