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Libertarian Party Wins Right to Hire Out-of-State Signature Gatherers in Connecticut

judgeThe Libertarian Party won a legal victory Wednesday that allows them to hire out-of-state contractors to collect signatures for candidates petitioning their way onto the ballot.

Currently, only Connecticut residents are permitted to collect signatures. Professional circulators from out-of-state firms, which are often hired by candidates, must be accompanied by a Connecticut resident.

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Joshua Katz Has Letter Published Regarding Torture Report and Police-Involved Shooting

Joshua Katz

This letter to the editor has been published in several media outlets.

To the editor:

From Ferguson, to New York, to Guantanamo Bay, we have witnessed systematic brutality,
oppression, and murder by our government. We have also witnessed the complete
unwillingness of the government to hold itself accountable. Defenders of big government
have, predictably, stepped forward to criticize, not the horrific acts of our government, but
efforts to bring wrongdoing to light.… Read more ...

CT Libertarian Joshua Katz Considers 2016 Prez Bid

Joshua Katz

Westbrook, Connecticut Planning Board member Joshua Katz sent the following letter to IPR about a potential bid for the Libertarian Party’s 2016 presidential nomination.  Last year, Katz defeated both a Republican and Democrat in his election to the Planning Board.  He also serves as chairman of the Libertarian Party of Connecticut.Read more ...

Marc Guttman: The Morality And The Benefits Of A System Of Free Travel And Trade

marc guttman

From the archives of Dr. Marc Guttman. This was originally published in The Day , April 20, 2008. It seems appropriate to post it now due to the current crisis at our borders.

The free, voluntary exchange of value for value is mutually beneficial, whether trading goods or labor, yet we often hear it argued that particular restrictions will protect American industries and workers.… Read more ...

Open Thread for This Weekend’s Libertarian Conventions

This is a busy weekend for state Libertarian Parties. Besides New York, which was featured in a prior thread, these states will be meeting:

Friday, April 25 to April 26

Saturday, April 26


Friday, April 25 through Sunday, April 27

Please use this thread to keep us posted with their events, or send info to me at stone@altrionet.com.… Read more ...

LP.org: CT Libertarian aims to boldly downsize city government backed by full slate of LP candidates

Posted on LP.org on September 5, 2013:

William H. Russell - Libertarian for Mayor, Norwich, CT
William H. Russell,
Libertarian for Mayor
Norwich, CT

Veteran Libertarian William H. Russell believes the city of Norwich, Conn., has hit bottom — and only Libertarians can salvage it. Russell plans to run a full slate of Libertarian Party candidates in the Nov. 5 local elections for the first time in local history.… Read more ...

Schum: Progressives are Lost to LP

Debbie Schum resides in Colorado, and gave IPR permission to publish her article, below, which was originally sent to the LP-CT discussion list.

Progressives are Lost to the LP
By Debbie Schum

Just to prove how effective educating the masses is, my husband just registered Libertarian today. It only took me 16 years to persuade him that Libertarians aren’t nuts.… Read more ...

LP CT: LP Presidential Straw Poll

The Connecticut Libertarian Party has set up a Presidential Straw Poll:

“1. Who should the Libertarian Party nominate at its May 2012 convention for the office of President of the United States?”

The original article is available on the LP CT website.

NOTE: The poll page does not specify whether those outside of CT are invited to participate.… Read more ...

Marc Guttman: Voting Against Social Harmony, Individuals, and Prosperity

From an article distributed by Connecticut Libertarian Party activist Marc Guttman:

It’s often said that if someone doesn’t like something the government is doing, he or she should convince enough people to change it.  Is this our idea for community, granting government the power to push through special interest will and expect that if innocent individuals want not be obstructed or burdened, they need toil and spend their resources to try to persuade others and gain power within the government to stop the intrusions on their human rights? … Read more ...

Unnamed Presidential Candidate to Announce at CTLP Convention

From James Mosher:

A Libertarian Party of Connecticut member is expected to announce his intention to run for the U.S. presidency during the party’s convention in New London next month. A press release Wednesday didn’t identify the potential candidate.

“I am pleased to announce that we have a surprise guest at our convention,” Chairman Dan Reale, who lives in Plainfield, wrote in the release.

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Connecticut Libertarian Party Sets Annual Convention for May 7

From an announcement sent out by Dan Reale:

This year’s annual Libertarian Party of Connecticut (LPCT) annual convention will be held May 7th, in New London, at VFW Post 189 (110 Garfield Avenue, New London, CT) between 10-12 PM. We are fortunate to have former Libertarian presidential candidate and all around Constitution scholar Michael Badnarik delivering the keynote speech.… Read more ...

Paul Passarelli To Run For US Senate In Connecticut As Libertarian

Paul Passarelli, president of Solar and Thermal Systems Inc., plans to run for Senate in 2012 as a Libertarian.

Pasarelli was a Republican all of his life, but he is quick to downplay the significance. “Saying that is a bit like saying I’ve eaten potatoes in one form or another for most of my life too,” Passarelli said in a recent email.… Read more ...