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Vermin Supreme: THE BIG SHOW!!! Polls, Debate: Vote EARLY and Vote Often!!!

2020 Libertarian presidential candidate Vermin Supreme sent out the following press release today ahead of tonight’s Libertarian Party of Kentucky presidential debate.

Hello, Pony Lovers!  We here at #TeamSupreme headquarters hope this message finds you and yours happy, healthy, and safe.  We have a bit of news to share with you!Read more ...

Paul Stanton: Perhaps “Working with White Nationalists” Is Not the Best Approach?




This was sent to the members of the Libertarian Party National Committee

July 20, 2017

Subject: Perhaps “Working with White Nationalists” Is Not the Best Approach?

Dear members of the Libertarian Party of Florida Executive Committee:
We are losing good members, and the trust of the public, due to the elevation of leaders in extremist hate groups to our party leadership. 
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John McAfee’s Vote Different Initiative endorses Paul Stanton

paul-stanton-headshot (1)

The following is a press release from the Vote Different Initiative, an organization founded by former Libertarian presidential candidate John McAfee to support Libertarian down-ticket candidates:

Desarae Lindsay

The Vote Different Initiative is proud to announce its endorsement of the candidacy of Paul Stanton for U.S.… Read more ...

William Saturn: Open Letter to Florida Libertarians


William Saturn is an IPR contributor. He published the following on The Saturnalian on August 25th, 2016:

Dear Florida Libertarians,

This is citizen journalist William Saturn.  I am writing to convince you to vote in the August 30 primary to make Augustus Sol Invictus your next nominee for U.S. Senate.  Admittedly, I am not a member of your party, though I hold it in high esteem.… Read more ...

Former Pennsylvania LP chair Steve Scheetz endorses Augustus Invictus

ATPR: Libertarian U.S. Senate candidate Augustus Invictus shared the following note today on his Facebook page from former Libertarian Party of Pennsylvania chairman Steve Scheetz, who presently serves as a member of the Libertarian Party Radical Caucus’ Candidate Endorsement Review Committee:

For those who do not know me, my name is Steve Scheetz, I am a former Chairman of the Libertarian Party of Pennsylvania, and while I am not certain that what I say will carry much weight in Florida, I am writing to formally endorse Augustus Sol Invictus.… Read more ...

Augustus Invictus: My First Address as Chair to the Libertarian Party of Orange County


Augustus Invictus is a candidate for the Libertarian Party’s nomination for U.S. Senate in Florida and the chairman of one of the state’s county affiliates, the Libertarian Party of Orange County. He posted his first speech to the group on Facebook on August 18th, 2016:

This meeting will come to order.… Read more ...

Augustus Invictus releases criminal justice reform platform


Augustus Invictus and Keon Antonio Grayson

Augustus Invictus, a candidate for the Libertarian Party’s nomination for U.S. Senate in Florida, recently released a platform on criminal justice reform co-written by Keon Antonio Grayson, a newly elected city councilman in Florida who has publicly endorsed Invictus in his bid. According to Invictus’ campaign website, he will speak about this new addition to his overall platform on July 29th, 2016 in Miami.Read more ...

Newly elected Libertarian endorses Augustus Invictus; Invictus intensifies call for debate with LP opponent

Press release from InvictusforSenate.com, July 11th, 2016:

Miami-Dade—Libertarian Councilman-elect Keon Antonio Grayson garnishes a win for Libertarians in a Special Election for Community Council in Miami-Dade last month. The group of ten elected officials on the council will represent the unincorporated sections of the county.

Grayson, who is a Navy Veteran, said when he saw the attacks being made on Libertarian Augustus Invictus, Candidate for U.S.

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Ryan Ramsey: Taking the Libertarian Party of Florida On a Tour of the High Road

The following press release was sent today to ATPR by Libertarian Party of Bradford County, Florida chairman Ryan Ramsey:

Libertarian Party of Florida logo

For Immediate Release

The Libertarian Party of Florida has new leadership, and in an effort to regain the trust of the voters and encourage candidacy, members of the State Executive Committee are assisting me in going beyond healing, and into reforms designed to move the party forward and mobilize for the coming election.

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William Saturn Interviews Augustus Sol Invictus

From The Saturnalian, originally published at Wikinews


Augustus Sol Invictus, an Orlando attorney currently seeking the Libertarian Party’s nomination for the Senate seat being vacated by former Republican presidential candidate Marco Rubio, took part in a short interview with William S. Saturn to discuss his background, political views, and unorthodox campaign for the Senate.… Read more ...

Presidential candidate Marc Allan Feldman raps at Florida presidential debate

In his closing statement at the Libertarian Party of Florida’s presidential debate on April 9th, 2016, Libertarian presidential candidate Marc Allan Feldman delivered a rap. The text of his rap and the videos below (the second video features a beat along with the rap):

I’m Marc Allan Feldman, I’m an Ohio resident
I’m tellin you why I am running for President.Read more ...

Video of the Libertarian Party of Florida’s presidential debate

Below is a video of yesterday’s Libertarian Party of Florida’s presidential debate featuring candidates Gary Johnson, Marc Allan Feldman, Darryl W. Perry and Austin Petersen. The video was taken from Petersen’s campaign Facebook page and re-uploaded to YouTube. It lasts for an hour and 16 minutes.

One testy moment of the debate came at the 40 minute mark in the video, when Darryl W.… Read more ...