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John McAfee to Attend Georgia LP Meeting; Responds to March 3rd GOP “Debate”



“There can be no doubt that the level of discourse on display at the GOP “debates” has reached an all-time low. As nauseating as it is to listen to the drivel of failed ideas from a dead party, it’s even worse when the only real discussions on stage are of trading childish insults.… Read more ...

OZY: Doug Craig – The Man in the Freedom T-Shirt

Doug Craig

Why you should care

Whether it’s a moment or a bonafide movement, libertarianism is on the rise. That’s thanks to people like Doug Craig, chair of the Libertarian Party of Georgia.

Enter Doug Craig’s office.

Or rather, his warehouse. This sheet-metal manufacturing plant in Atlanta’s poor, urban Southside might seem like a strange place to find the architect of a third-party uprising, a spoiler of potentially national proportions.… Read more ...

Georgia LP Issues Commercial About Its Gubernatorial Candidate Andrew Hunt

Found on Facebook:

Libertarian Party of Georgia is happy to announce the release of a 30 second TV ad for gubernatorial candidate Andrew Hunt. Produced by libertarian activists James Bell at Van Gogh, Inc. video production studio in Smyrna GA. Below is a statement release by chairman Doug Craig :

Labor Day is viewed as the official start of the political campaign season leading up to the November general election.… Read more ...

Doug Craig is Interviewed About the Little Girl Influencing Change to Georgia’s Marijuana Law

This article was posted to Rare .

August 2, 2014

4-year-old Haleigh Cox suffers from Lennox-Gastaut syndrome, a rare epileptic condition. Her family had to move to Colorado due to Georgia’s inability to make legal marijuana available to her.

Interview can be heard here .

Kurt Wallace: This is Kurt Wallace and our guest today on Rare is Doug Craig, the Chairman of the Libertarian Party of Georgia.… Read more ...

Greg Morin: Incentives and Taxes

Published on the Libertarian Party of Georgia website on June 21, 2013. Greg Morin is a member of the Libertarian Party of Georgia. 

Bill O’Reilly is disingenuous when he says high taxes might compel him to quit his lucrative job. Although there is a level where taxes can have that effect (why engage in challenging work if taxes limit your income to that of someone flipping burgers), we are nowhere near it.… Read more ...

Greg Morin: Ideas Are Not Property, On Dismantling IP

The following was published on the Libertarian Party of Georgia’s website. Greg Morin is a member of the Athens, Georgia area Libertarian Party.

26 June 2013 By  Leave a Comment

This was originally posted on Porcupine Musings.

The US Supreme Court ruled unanimously this past week that human genes may not be patented.

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Libertarian Party of Georgia Welcomes Changes To Handling Drug Offenders, Favors Decriminalization Instead of Growing Government

Emailed to contact.ipr@gmail.com

ATLANTA – In his inaugural speech, Governor Nathan Deal addressed an issue that the Libertarian Party of Georgia has long been aware of, the unusually high number of residents currently tracked by the Department of Corrections. “One out of every 13 Georgia residents is under some form of correctional control,” said Deal, adding that the total operational cost of the Georgia Department of Corrections is approximately $3 million a day.… Read more ...

Georgia Libertarian Voters Likely to Vote GOP in a Runoff

Here is a press release from Landmark Communications regarding some state-wide races in Georgia. Of interests to readers of this site, in a theoretical runoff election, Libertarian voters would vote for the Republican candidate for Governor by a 3 to 1 margin. (See paragraph four.)

(Duluth)—Despite a slight tightening in the race for governor, Republican Nathan Deal continues to lead Democrat Roy Barnes by 49 to 42 percent. … Read more ...

Libertarian Amanda Swafford Elected To City Council in Georgia

From Ballot Access News:

On September 21, the town of Flowery Branch, Georgia, held a special election to fill a vacancy on the city council.  The election is non-partisan.  Libertarian Party member Amanda Swafford defeated her only opponent by a two-to-one margin.  See this story.  Flowery Branch is in Hall County, in northern Georgia near Gainesville.

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John Monds at 5%, Chuck Donovan at 5% in GA

There has simply been a flurry of news out of the Georgia Libertarian Party lately. To nicely cap off the sudden surge of articles, we report another set of polls taken of the gubernatorial and senatorial contests in the state.

In the race for governor the results were:

Deal (R) 42%
Barnes (D) 42%
Mondes (L) 5%
Undecided 11%

In the race for the US Senate incumbent Johnny Isakson is extending his large lead.

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John Monds Interviewed in Atlanta Journal Constitution

John Monds was recently interviewed for an article in the AJC. This is also the same newspaper for which former Libertarian presidential candidate Bob Barr blogs. Some relevant excerpts:

Q: What is a Libertarian?

A: The easiest and shortest definition is someone with a fundamental respect for the rights of individuals.

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Chuck Donovan Scores Talk Radio Endorsement

From Jim Galloway at the Atlanta-Journal Constitution website:

Chuck Donovan, the Libertarian candidate for U.S. Senate, on Wednesday won the endorsement of political activist Joe McCutchen of Elijay, who has a weekly cable TV talk show that covers much of north Georgia, and can often be heard on radio talk shows across the state.

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