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Libertarian Candidate for Treasurer of Illinois Talks Challenges of Race

From Central Illinois Proud:

PEORIA, Ill – A Libertarian is looking to not only oust the incumbent treasurer, but stop a Republican from capturing the seat.

Mike Leheney is aware of the challenge of being a third-party candidate, but believes he has a more likely path to election than some of his ticket-mates.… Read more ...

Libertarian Party of Chicago holds monthly meeting, endorses David Earl Williams III for Congress in IL-9th

American Third Party Report: On September 6th, 2016, the Libertarian Party of Chicago held its monthly meeting for September at Will’s Northwoods Inn on Racine Avenue at 7 PM CST. This ATPR editor attended the meeting, albeit I was 30 minutes late.

When I arrived, David Earl Williams III, a write-in candidate for Congress in Illinois’ 9th congressional district -who became the first congressional candidate in Illinois to endorse Gary Johnson for president on September 1st- was wrapping up his speech.… Read more ...

David Earl Williams III becomes first Illinois congressional candidate to endorse Gary Johnson

American Third Party Report: David Earl Williams III, an independent, officially qualified write-in candidate for Congress in Illinois’ 9th district and a former GOP candidate in the same district in 2014 (he received 14,158 votes, or 47.6% of the total, in the GOP primary running as a Ron Paul Republican), has become the first congressional candidate in Illinois to officially and publicly endorse Gary Johnson for president, via Dewforcongress.comRead more ...

Gary Johnson campaign opens Illinois Victory Center in Chicago (photos)

Originally published at American Third Party Report earlier today:

On August 20th, 2016, the Gary Johnson campaign opened an Illinois Victory Center at 2305 W Foster Ave in Chicago. The campaign held a housewarming party and open to the public to officiate the occasion.

Alex Braverman, a 61-year old immigrant born in Lithuania and a Johnson supporter who told ATPR that he was never before involved in the political process until this election, attended the event and provided ATPR with pictures.… Read more ...

David Earl Williams III, potential 2018 LP Illinois statwide candidate, interviewed by IPR

On August 20th, 2016, David Earl Williams III, a write-in candidates for Congress in Illinois’ 9th district, delivered a speech to a meeting of the Illinois Center Right Coalition at the Niles Public Library. Williams, whose 2014 GOP primary campaign in the same congressional district garnered 14,158 votes (47.6%) and received coverage from such media outlets as We Are Change and The Young Turks, is affiliated with the Libertarian Party of Illinois, and although he was an ardent supporter of Austin Petersen in the LP nomination process, Williams is committed to casting his vote for Gary Johnson in November, just as he did four years ago coming off the heels of his grassroots activism in support of Ron Paul.… Read more ...

Kent McMillen speaks to the Illinois Center Right Coalition

Kent McMillen, the Libertarian Party’s U.S. Senate candidate in Illinois, delivered a speech to a meeting of the Illinois Center Right Coalition yesterday at the Niles Public Library. McMillen answered questions from those in attendance after his speech. Beginning his address with an anecdote relating to the futility of people thinking they have only two “major party” choices in an election, he transitioned into discussing education, fiscal responsibility, social issues, gun rights, Social Security, his personal qualifications and which one of the high profile libertarians of the past influenced him the most in terms of libertarian ideas, as well as his views on other issues.… Read more ...

David Earl Williams III endorses Libertarian candidates; will deliver speech on Saturday

David Earl Williams III is an independent write-in candidate for Congress in Illinois’ 9th district who is affiliated with the Libertarian Party of Illinois. He published the following press release earlier today:

Dear Fellow American, 

It’s been awhile since the last press release, so I wanted to check back in with all my supporters and constituents of Illinois 9th.… Read more ...

Green Party and Libertarian Party make Illinois ballot for president; challenge filed against Constitution Party petitions


Green Jill Stein and Libertarian Gary Johnson

From Jill Stein’s campaign website, July 5th, 2016:

As of 5:00 pm CDT today it’s official. You WILL be able to vote for the Greater Good in Illinois.

On the ballot in Illinois for the November 8 election:

Jill Stein, Green Party U.S.

Read more ...

Libertarian candidates file suit against ban on medical marijuana campaign contributions

SPRINGFIELD — Two Libertarians seeking state office are suing the state over its prohibition on campaign contributions from the medical marijuana industry.

Claire Ball of Addison is seeking the office of state comptroller as a Libertarian Party of Illinois candidate, and Scott Schluter of Marion is running for the Legislature in the 117th Representative District under the same banner.Read more ...

Republicans in Illinois Sent Out Armed Representatives to Persuade Libertarian Petition Signers to Recant


The Libertarian Party of Illinois will have 7 candidates on the ballot in November after a challenge was met, it was anounced this past week. Counsel John Fogarty, representing the Republican Party of Illinois, challenged the almost 43,000 signatures that had been gathered in order to place the candidates on the ballot.… Read more ...

Photos from the Libertarian Party of Illinois state convention

The following pictures were taken by me on September 21st and 22nd, 2013, at the Libertarian Party of Illinois annual state convention held in Holiday Inn in Bolingbrook.

Convention program

Bumper sticker

Car in parking lot

Legalize now


Table inside convention hall

Dr. Robert Murphy speaking on Saturday

Table outside convention room

Convention room

Robert Murphy speech

Murphy close-up

Me with Tom Woods

Saturday evening banquet with Tom Woods speaking

Blurry close-up of Tom Woods

Daniel Banna, state house candidate in the 53rd district, speaking on Sunday

Daniel Banna close-up

LNC representative Dianna Visek speaking (LP Illinois vice-chair and 2013 convention chair Ken Prazak to the left of her)

Newly elected state chair Matt Skopek speaking

Austrian economist Steve Horwitz speaking

View a full gallery with 40 photos on my Facebook profile here:

https://www.facebook.com/krzysztof.lesiak.96/media_set?set=a.570623436308446.1073741828.100000823850921&type=1Read more ...