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Lawsuit Won, New Political Parties Can Be Formed In Maine

The Center For Competitive Democracy has won its lawsuit in Maine. Judge Lance E Walker, of the US District Court for Maine, in a 41-page Order (linked below) concludes:

The party-member signature requirement . . . is unconstitutional  . . . in violation of the associational and equal protection rights protected by the First and Fourteenth Amendments of the United States Constitution.… Read more ...

Americans Deserve Better PAC launches $65,000 pro-Gary Johnson ad buy in Maine

Originally published at the American Third Party Report earlier today:

According to an article published at Politico by Steven Shepard yesterday, a new Political Action Committee (PAC) has decided to purchase television and radio ads in Maine promoting Libertarian presidential nominee Gary Johnson. According to the article, the Americans Deserve Better PAC will spend at least $65,000 on ads in The Pine Tree State, which will be broadcast over the airwaves between today and August 26th.… Read more ...

Libertarian Party of Maine claims victory in ballot access fight


The Libertarian Party of Maine posted the following on Facebook on July 12th, 2016:



And commented:

Gary Johnson will be on the Maine ballot. We still need your support for our write-in campaigns, including two for Congress. With this momentum, we just may be able to make history this year!

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Exclusive interview with Jim Bouchard, Libertarian Party candidate for Congress in Maine’s 1st district

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Jim Bouchard

Below is ATPR’s exclusive interview with Jim Bouchard, the Libertarian Party candidate for Congress in Maine’s 1st congressional district:

1) First of all, how long have been a libertarian and what made you discover that you are one? On that angle, how long have been involved with the Libertarian Party of Maine?
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Austin Petersen and Gary Johnson tie in Maine Libertarian Party straw poll

Darryl W. Perry speaks at the LP Maine convention (Photo: WLBZ 2)

From David Charns at WMTW.com, May 15th, 2016 (short video available at the link) (via American Third Party Report):

LEWISTON, Maine —Maine libertarians are split on who should be their candidate for president.

At the state party convention Sunday in Lewiston, both former New Mexico Gov.

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Liberty For America Releases New Issue

The January issue of Liberty for America, edited by George Phillies, has been released. The magazine recently switched to an all-online format. You can read the full issue here. The issue includes some stories which have been previously covered at IPR, but it also has new information as well. This includes the news that John Babiarz plans to run again for New Hampshire Governor in 2012 (he ran in 2010), NJLP member Michael Pierone was appointed to a local Board of Education as a Libertarian, and word of the reorganization of the Libertarian Party of Maine as an effective party in that state.… Read more ...