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Posts tagged as “Libertarian Party of New Jersey”

New Jersey Libertarian Party Sees Growth From Previous Year

From the New Jersey Libertarian Party:

In 2001, an appeals court ruled that New Jersey’s practice of not allowing anyone to register to vote as anything other than Democrat, Republican, or Independent was unconstitutional. This was the result of a lawsuit brought by a coalition of political parties, including the NJ Libertarian Party.… Read more ...

Libertarian Kenneth Kaplan to Run for Governor of New Jersey in 2013

This was posted May 2nd on the New Jersey Libertarian Party Facebook page:

Pleased to announce our Gubernatorial nomination, Kenneth Kaplan. A father of two grown children, Kaplan is a long time libertarian and commercial real estate broker. A graduate of Brandies University and NYU School of Law, Kaplan is president of KenKap Realty Corp, and past president of the Livingston Lions Club.

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