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Libertarian Party of New Mexico endorses Article V Convention of the States

via the LPNM Blog:

Whereas the Libertarian Party of New Mexico is a political party with the goal of increasing liberty in New Mexico; and

Whereas the federal government of the United States in all its branches has been recently engaged in limiting the powers belonging to the several states and to the people in violation of the Constitution of the United States; and

Whereas, the Constitution provides a remedy to the states and the people for the purpose of addressing said violations in the form of an Article 5 Convention of the States to amend the Constitution:

Be it resolved that the Libertarian party of New Mexico endorses the political work necessary to pass a resolution in the New Mexico legislature to apply for a Convention of the States to amend the Constitution as an exercise in asserting the powers reserved to the states and to the people in order to preserve and increase liberty.

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Johnson Campaign Contacting LNC Members, Wayne Root Involved in Recruitment

Numerous individuals have reported to IPR that Gary Johnson or members of his campaign are contacting members of the Libertarian National Committee, one of the main decision-making bodies in the Libertarian Party.

At the same time, Wayne Root, the former Vice Presidential candidate of the Libertarian Party and At-Large member of the Libertarian National Committee, has left a comment at IPR suggesting that he has been involved in recruiting former Governor Gary Johnson to run for the Libertarian Party nomination for President.… Read more ...

Polling Shows Gary Johnson Could Be Competitive in NM in General Election

Public Policy Polling just sent out a tweet that said, “Gary Johnson polls at 23% in New Mexico as a Libertarian against Obama and Romney”

Early polls often over-estimate the strength of third party candidates, whose overall vote total tends to decline closer to election day, especially when the race is close.… Read more ...