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Libertarian Party of Virginia Candidates Update

The Libertarian Party of Virginia (LPVA) is running eight candidates in the Novemeber 5, 2013 elections. They are listed below:



  • Jonathan Parrish – House of Delegates, District 23
    (website, FacebookTwitter)


  • Patrick Hagerty – House of Delegates, District 33
    (website, Facebook, Twitter)



  • Lindsey Bolton – House of Delegates, District 48
    (website, FacebookTwitter)



  • Christopher Sullivan – House of Delegates, District 55
    (websiteFacebook, Twitter)


  • Dan Foster – House of Delegates, District 78
    (websiteFacebook, Twitter)
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Candidate for Virginia House of Delegates Laura Delhomme Endorsed by Gary Johnson

Libertarian Party candidate for Virginia House of Delegates in district 47 Laura Delhomme was endorsed by Gary Johnson on April 30th. From the Libertarian Party’s Facebook page today:

Congratulations to Laura Delhomme, who is running for the Virginia House of Delegates, on her endorsement from Gary Johnson!

Like her page here and see the video of her endorsement: Laura for Delegate

Learn more about other Libertarian candidates who “Run with Scissors” to cut big government at:www.lp.org

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