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Oregon: Burke et. al. Seek Restraining Order to Remove LP Candidates

In yet another legal action the remnants of the Burke faction in Oregon have attempted to use the courts to gain authority over the ballot access of Libertarian candidates.  In their most recent (Hail Mary) action they sought a TRO (Temporary Restraining Order) to remove all Libertarian candidates nominated by the recognized (by the Secretary of State) Libertarian Party of Oregon including the removal of the Libertarian Presidential ticket of Jo Jorgensen and Spike Cohen. … Read more ...

LP Oregon Quote Pres. Jefferson; Seek Attorney Fee Reimbursement from PAC 16869

OregonLibertyPortland Oregon: In the attached 126 page “RESPONDENT / CROSS-APPELLANT LIBERTARIAN PARTY OF OREGON’S ANSWERING BRIEF, SUPPLEMENTAL EXCERPT OF RECORD, AND CROSSOPENING BRIEF” filed yesterday, 31 December 2014, in the Clackamas County Oregon Circuit Court in response to the “Appeal from the General Judgment of Dismissal” entered on October 25, 2013, and the “Supplemental Judgment” entered on May 30, 2014, by Oregon Political Action Committee 16869 (which is also doing business as “The Libertarian Party of Oregon”), Defendants (Wes Wagner, Harry Joe Taylor, Mark Vetanen, Bruce Knight, Richard Skyba, Jeff Weston, the Libertarian Party of Oregon), among other things, through their attorneys, quote President Thomas Jefferson and petition the Court to reconsider its prior denial of their request for reimbursement of attorney fees.… Read more ...

“PROJECT GROUNDSWELL” – Press Release from Oregon PAC 16869 (DBA “The Libertarian Party of Oregon”)


05 December 2014, DATELINE: PORTLAND OR

IPR received the following media release from Mr. Reeves earlier this evening.

“While issues around the leadership and governance of the LPO remain unresolved, the Libertarian Party of Oregon, as led by the so-called “Reeves” group of officers operating under governing documents approved by members in properly noticed conventions (ED NOTE: This organization is, “currently registered with the Oregon Secretary of State as PAC #16869.”  … Read more ...

Oregon Secretary of State Responds to Tyler Smith’s Letter Insisting Reeves Group is the Correct LPO


The Secretary of State of the state of Oregon has responded to the letters sent by Tyler Smith on February 19, 2014 and the letter sent by the attorney for the Libertarian Party of Oregon on March 19, 2014. Here is the text of the letter:

SOs 1 002

SOS 2 001


Here is a link to the letters and some background on the dispute .… Read more ...