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Libertarian Party: Victory and Ballot Access Updates

The Libertarian Party sent out the following press release today:

This month has seen several major decisions handed down by the Supreme Court that impact individual sovereignty, including the freedom from state discrimination based upon sexual orientation. This ruling was particularly celebratory as June is Pride Month.

For Libertarians, it is a foundational belief that all people must be equal in the eyes of the law.… Read more ...

Rick Caldwell: ‘What About Me, Sadowski?’

[NOTE: Steven Thomas Sadowski a registered Libertarian in Massachusetts, recently called for a purge of all anarchists from the Libertarian Party.  Rick Caldwell, an active LP member in Virginia, wrote a response.  IPR readers may be interested in this discussion because the topic seems to come up a lot here and elsewhere.] Read more ...

Bill Redpath endorses Gary Johnson

Press Release from Gary Johnson 2016:


March 17, 2016, Salt Lake City, UT
— Bill Redpath, a long-time Libertarian Party leader and nationally-respected advocate for fair third-party ballot access, has endorsed Gov. Gary Johnson for the Libertarian Party nomination for President.… Read more ...

Carl Loser accused of sending threatening email to campaign manager’s ex-wife

From Markus Schmidt at the Richmond Times-Dispatch:

A Libertarian candidate for state Senate has sent an email to his campaign manager’s estranged ex-wife, threatening the loss of her home and custody of her daughter if she went public about a child support issue with the campaign manager. […]

“Contact the Richmond Times and I promise I will personally take action to ensure you no longer have a home, and Corey will have custody of your daughter,” [Carl Loser] wrote.

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Carl Loser (L-VA) holds out “bag of weed” at candidate forum while arguing against prohibition

Via the Richmond Times-Dispatch:

Loser provided some of the most memorable moments in the forum by holding aloft what he called “a bag of weed” to demonstrate what he termed the damage of government drug laws to families that run afoul of them. He also caused a stir in the studio audience by suggesting that public school teachers are overpaid, a sentiment that Sturtevant, who is married to a teacher, countered to applause.

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Will Hammer: Put the Hammer Down on Your Virginia Ballot


From a media release by Virginia LP candidate Will Hammer:

It is with great pleasure that I formally announce my candidacy for Virginia’s House of Delegates 20th District. Though I did not get elected last year, I gained a lot of experience and look forward to running again. I am very proud of my campaign last year and look to bring that momentum to this race.… Read more ...

Libertarian Robert Sarvis Qualifies for Ballot for U.S. Senate


(The following was posted to Robert Sarivs’ Facebook Page.)

“SARVIS QUALIFIES FOR BALLOT FOR U.S. SENATE! Virginia voters now have the opportunity to reject the big-govt, big-money, cronyist status quo. Vote for a Virginia and an America that’s Open-minded and Open for Business!

SHARE the news, and support the campaign: http://donate.robertsarvis.com/

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Leesburg Libertarian Enters 10th Congressional Race


(The following was originally published in Leesburg Today.)

Leesburg resident William Redpath today announced his intentions to run as a Libertarian in the 10th Congressional District race.

Redpath said he will offer an option for 10th District voters “who are wary of both ObamaCare and the GOP’s social conservative agenda.”… Read more ...

Libertarian Party of Virginia: Record Number of Candidates Running for Office

virginia_congressional_districts_113th_congress (1)

H/T Liberty Crier for posting this article about the Libertarian Party of Virginia.


By Alix Bryan
May 7, 2014

RICHMOND, Va. (WTVR) – If it seems like there are more Libertarians entering the political arena this election year that’s because there are –so far at least ten have announced they are running for office, according to the official party website.

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Sandy Sanders: Is there a smear campaign against Libertarian Robert Sarvis?

Robert Sarvis (right) and GOP opponent Ken Cuccinelli 

Posted on 28 October 2013. Tags: 

Virginia Right blog

I got this email from a group called Virginians for Life and Liberty:

Robert Sarvis has recently broken with Libertarians on key issues*


Recent interviews with Chuck Todd and Reason.com

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Ben Domenech: Is Virginia Gubernatorial Candidate Robert Sarvis a Libertarian-In-Name-Only?

Still from a Robert Sarvis campaign ad

OCTOBER 25, 2013 By 


The final debate in Virginia last night between Terry McAuliffe and Ken Cuccinelli didn’t feature Robert Sarvis, the libertarian candidate who has frequently brushed double digits in polling. George Will does his best to make up for this, writing that Cuccinelli is far from the best choice for Virginia, and effectively endorsing Sarvis.

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