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Andy Craig: When Libertarian Party Candidates Jump the Shark (Opinion Piece)

jump_the_sharkFull disclosure: Andy Craig is involved with the Gary Johnson Campaign. This opinion piece is his alone and NOT a statement from the Johnson Campaign.

The Petersen and McAfee campaigns (which are now apparently the same thing?) were always a bit silly, but the past few days they’ve completely jumped the shark.… Read more ...

Libertarian Party Presidential Candidate Darryl W. Perry: Newsletter 4/14/16

0217f623-49a6-46eb-9221-3f5928d7e287CONTACT: Darryl W. Perry
Phone: 202-709-4377
Email: Darryl@DarrylWPerry.com

Libertarian Presidential candidate Darryl W. Perry announces campaign team

KEENE, NH, April 13, 2016 – Any successful candidate running for office knows that it takes a talented team to help them get elected. Libertarian Presidential candidate Darryl W. Perry is no exception.

Perry announced the current members of his campaign team on his website at DarrylWPerry.com.… Read more ...

Gary Johnson Campaign Announces that Plans are Underway for LP Debate on STOSSEL

Gary-Johnsonx-large-1From Governor Gary Johnson’s Tumblr account, original here.

February 16, 2016, Salt Lake City, UT – In a statement released today, the Gary Johnson 2016 campaign confirmed that plans are underway to schedule a nationally-televised Libertarian Party presidential debate on the popular “Stossel” show on the Fox Business Network. While details are pending, Gov.… Read more ...

Interview with Austin Petersen, Candidate for the Libertarian Party’s Presidential Nomination


Austin Petersen and I corresponded through email. Most of the questions were submitted by IPR readers, or Libertarians on a couple Facebook questions.

Do you agree with Gary Johnson that Sharia Law and terrorism from extremist Muslims is a worrisome threat to our country?

I don’t see Sharia as a threat simply because I’m confident in the supremacy of American judicial processes and constitutional law.

Read more ...

Libertarian Party: The Only Presidential Choice for Liberty Still Standing

From Libertarian Party email blast and press releaselp_logo_bird_pms_lg

With Sen. Rand Paul’s announcement today that he is suspending his campaign, the Libertarian Party nominee will be, indisputably, the only choice for small government in the 2016 race for President of the United States.

Many “small l” libertarians hoped Rand Paul would win the GOP nomination.… Read more ...

International Business Times: John McAfee and Zoltan Istvan Debate Cybersecurity and More

McAfee and Zoltan

Posted to International Business Times

By Anthony Cuthbertson
December 11, 2015

One wants to live forever, the other wants to push reset on the US Constitution. Both are running for president in 2016. As Republican and Democrat presidential candidates prepare for December’s debates, pioneering Transhumanist Zoltan Istvan and cybersecurity legend John McAfee met for the first time this week for their own debate, over several large drinks in a motel bar.… Read more ...

Opportunity to Meet Libertarian Presidential Candidate Steve Kerbel in Parker, Colorado on December 17, 2015

12067110_10205090623165244_369993756_nLibertarian Presidential candidate Steve Kerbel will be attending the Libertarian Party of Colorado’s Volunteer Meet-Up in order to mingle with local Libertarians. Please take this opportunity to come out and meet him and see how you might get involved with the Libertarian movement in Colorado. There will be a free taco bar and free adults beverages to attendees.… Read more ...

Libertarian Presidential Candidate Steve Kerbel Appears on The Stacy Petty Show: Various Topics Discussed, Urges People to “Support Libertarians Entirely”

photoOn December 2, 2015, Libertarian Presidential Candidate Steve Kerbel appeared on the Stacy Petty Show out of Steve’s home state of Colorado.

The audio file can be accessed here: http://www.1310kfka.com/audio/stacy120215hr2.mp3

Topics discussed include:

Future campaign plans and support for the Libertarian Party
The Non-Aggression Principle and the principle of Libertarian philosophy
Private Prisons
Enforcing Morality
The intersection of politics and religion
Immigration and borders

For more information about Steve Kerbel’s campaign, please see his campaign site and his Facebook page.… Read more ...

LP Candidate Hopeful Derrick Michael Reid’s Speech at the Dakotas’ Convention


Derrick Michael Reid is one of the candidates hoping to be the Libertarian Party’s Presidential candidate in 2016. He attended the convention for the South Dakota and North Dakota Libertarian Parties over this past weekend. He says on his website:

I had a great time at the ND SD states convention.

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Libertarian Party Presidential Candidate Debate During 9/16/15 Republican Party Debate


While the televised debate between Republican Party candidates was aired on September 16, 2015, Libertarian Party presidential candidates including Keenan Wallace Dunham, Marc Alan Feldman, Cecil Anthony Ince, Steve Kerbel, and Darryl W. Perry debated in an online format hosted by the Libertarian Party of California UNCENSORED Facebook group and Libertarian Party of California Chairman Ted Brown.… Read more ...

Judge Gray Addresses Jim Webb Speculation

Jim Webb official 110th Congress photo.jpg

I contacted Judge Jim Gray, the Libertarian Party’s 2012 Vice Presidential nominee, about an article published here on December 25 announcing that Gray planned to attend the January 3 Democratic Liberty Caucus event in South Carolina.  The event reportedly planned to feature former Senator Jim Webb of Virginia, who last month opened an exploratory committee to decide whether to seek the Democratic Party’s 2016 presidential nomination.  … Read more ...