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Gary Johnson On Colbert Report

Gary Johnson appeared on The Colbert Report yesterday, introduced as “the former governor of New Mexico and an advocate for legalizing marijuana.” “Libertarian” was mentioned 12 times, while the Fair Tax was not mentioned once. Johnson disputed that the Libertarian Party is on the fringe, claiming that “most Americans are fiscally conservative and socially tolerant”.… Read more ...

Jeremy Young analyzes Illinois Libertarian presidential debate

By Jeremy Young

From comments on a prior IPR post. The debate can be viewed at http://rjharris2012.com/:

Instead of finishing what I was supposed to be doing tonight, I went ahead and watched this entire debate. Here are my thoughts on what I saw and heard. Interested readers should know that I’m a supporter of third parties but not a Libertarian, so my interest here is to have the strongest possible Libertarian win the Presidential nomination.… Read more ...

Wayne Root would welcome Gary Johnson to Libertarian Presidential race

Email from Wayne Root:

Gary Johnson is a friend of mine. We’re fans of each other’s politics. We’ve spoken often over the past few years. He is a constant guest on my radio shows. I was honored to speak back to back with Gary at the Conservative Leadership Conference held in Nevada this past July.… Read more ...