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Tom Knapp at Kn@ppster: The Libertarian Party Has a Job Opening

TomknappOriginal article can be found here:

The “major” political parties formally vote to nominate their presidential and vice-presidential candidates separately, but it really goes like this:

The presidential nominee “chooses a running mate,” and then the national convention delegates rubber-stamp that man or woman.… Read more ...

Mark G. Elworth Jr. of Nebraska Announces Candidacy for the Libertarian Party’s Vice-Presidential Nomination

Mark Elworth

I saw Mr. Elworth’s announcement on Facebook, and asked if he would write something up for publishing at IPR. This is what he sent me (with minor edits from me).

December 29, 2015

Short Political Bio– Mark G Elworth Jr, 2016 Candidate Vice President (Libertarian), 2016 Candidate for Nebraska State Legislator, 2014 Nebraska Governor Candidate, 3.53%, 19,001 votes, I spent $500 on my grassroots campaign and ended up holding the record for 3rd Party Candidates for the office of Governor in Nebraska.… Read more ...

Judge Gray: The Police As Noble Public Servants

Judge Gray

The Functional Libertarian
October 31, 2013

One of the most noble public servant positions in our society is a police officer. These men and women often have difficult jobs, and frequently do not get the credit and appreciation they deserve. When I was a child my parents drummed into me that “if I was lost I should find a policeman, because they are my friends.”… Read more ...

Judge Gray: George Washington-The American Patriot

Judge GRAY b

The Functional Libertarian

November 7, 2013



Today begins a short series in this weekly column about some of America’s greatest patriots, and we begin today with probably the greatest: George Washington.

At his funeral oration for George Washington, which was given to both houses of Congress on December 26, 1799, General “Light Horse Harry” Lee famously stated that Washington was “First in War, First in Peace, and First in the Hearts of his Countrymen.”… Read more ...