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Clint Bishop: Ain’t No Party Like a . . . Party!

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By Clint Bishop, American Third Party Report, September 7th, 2016:

Hey you! Yes you, the libertarian or conservative with libertarian leanings that doesn’t feel quite at home in the Libertarian Facebook groups.… Read more ...

Pro-Choice Libertarians: Libertarian Principles and the Consequences of Abortion Prohibition


From ProChoice Libertarians


(Note: in near final draft stage, 5/13/16)

Individual liberty, self-determination, private property, and limited government are all libertarian principles that logically lead to the pro-choice position. To sacrifice existing persons for the sake of future generations—in slave labor camps, involuntary servitude, compulsory childbearing, or life-threatening abortions—violates everything we hold dear.Read more ...

Libertarians to US Lawmakers: Get Out, Stay Out of Iraq, Syria

From a Libertarian National Committee Press Release:

The Libertarian Party urges lawmakers to stop bombing in Iraq and to disengage operations in both Iraq and Syria.

“The U.S. government has been intervening in the Middle East for more than half a century under the pretext of achieving peace,” said Nicholas Sarwark, chair of the Libertarian National Committee.

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LP Activist Starchild Sets Up Independent Petition Site For Pro-Freedom Petitions

Starchild 2

This was sent to us for publication here by IPR writer and commenter Starchild.

I am seeking to get an independent libertarian petition site developed where members of the public can sign pro-freedom petitions and LP members can additionally sign (and hopefully work on draft language for) petitions directed to the Libertarian National Committee in support of various ideas for motions they’d like the LNC to adopt.… Read more ...

Third Party talk at Occupy Wall Street protest

Kimberly Wilder writes: I am following the Occupy Wall Street protests closely at my other blog, onthewilderside.com, where it is more on topic. Though, of course, when there is a big demonstration, political issues arise. So, wanted to share some third party allusions which have been made.

The group that started the demonstration is Adbusters: here.Read more ...

Video: Jon Stewart asks, “How did Ron Paul become the 13th floor in a hotel?”

On August 15, 2011, Jon Stewart devoted several minutes of “The Daily Show” to a rant about how the media is ignoring 2012 candidate for President of the United States, Congressman Ron Paul. Ron Paul was the 1988 Libertarian nominee for President, who supports libertarian views, but is currently running for the Republican Party nomination.… Read more ...

Attention Angelenos: Who will win, Libertarians or the Green Party?

Green Party Vs. Libertarian Party softball game this weekend in Los Angeles to raise awareness of our two party dictatorship!

Yes, you heard that right. The Greens will be playing in a softball game against supporters of the Libertarian Party. The event will be taking place, more specifically, in the San Fernando Valley.… Read more ...

Wayne Root: Obamageddon: Signs That Obama’s Great Depression Has Begun

By Wayne Allyn Root, Former Libertarian Vice Presidential Nominee and Author of “The Conscience of a Libertarian”

The best professional poker players in the world earn millions by reading and reacting to “tells,” their opponents’ verbal and nonverbal traits. They notice the way an opponent is smiling, frowning, laughing, tapping their hands, sweating, or blinking their eyes.… Read more ...

Leftist observer enjoys conservative/libertarian split at CPAC, supports strengthening Libertarian Party

Lubbock Left, a blog hosted but not edited by the Lubbock Avalanche-Journal:

Social conservatives and libertarians don’t get along. Here’s a FOX News opinion piece about the recent CPAC Conference illustrating that point. (To my friends on the right: yes, I occasionally read FOX News, holding my nose the whole time.)

Read more ...

Libertarian Party Monday Message: Video from CPAC 2011

Dear Friend of Liberty,

I think you’ll enjoy this video of the LP in action at CPAC (pronounced "see-pack"), the Conservative Political Action Conference.

LP Headquarters staff and volunteers hosted a booth last Thursday through Saturday here in Washington, D.C., featuring the World’s Smallest Political Quiz and the "Republican Wall of Shame."Read more ...

Jacob Hornberger on Neil Cavuto: US Aid to Egypt Spawned Hatred

Via Hiram Reisner at NewsMax (H/T Tom Knapp):

“We need to be asking ourselves as Americans exactly what the Egyptian people are asking themselves: What business does our government have supporting a dictatorship, for 30 years, that the Egyptian people now are finally protesting against,” Jacob Hornberger told Fox News’ Neal Cavuto.… Read more ...

Matt Welch: ‘The Great Libertarian Conspiracy’

Excerpts from an article by Matt Welch of Reason:

New York Times columnist Frank Rich accused the Kochs of plotting “a billionaires’ coup” to secure “corporate pork,” tax cuts, and a blank check for Wall Street bailouts. “What the Koch brothers have bought with their huge political outlays,” opined Times columnist Paul Krugman, “is, above all, freedom to pollute.”

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