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Marc Guttman: All That is Necessary for Evil to Triumph

All That Is Necessary for Evil to Triumph
The foreword to Why Peace

by Marc Guttman, January 23, 2012

The air was filled with dust and the building footprints were still smoking hot. The scene was framed by twisted beams and burnt and beaten buildings. Scattered atop the hills of metal and debris, rescue workers worked diligently to find survivors.… Read more ...

Wagner’s LPO Group Files Motion for Summary Judgement

The attorney for the Libertarian Party of Oregon, led by chairman Wes Wagner, has filed a motion for a summary judgement in the lawsuit by the faction headed by chairman Tim Reeves. A summary judgement, according to Wikipedia , is a “judgement entered by a court for one party and against another party summarily, i.e.,… Read more ...

George Phillies: Vote Republican? You must be joking!

Posted as an editiorial by George Phillies in the September 2012 Liberty for America

The Republicans launched an unprovoked war of aggression against Iraq. To justify their crimes against peace, they staged an unprecedented series of bald faced lies. When their occupation of Iraq was met with the staunch resistance of Iraqi patriots, they arranged for the city of Fallujah to be substantially razed to the ground, a crime against civilization whose obvious historical ana-log was the destruction of the city of Lidice.… Read more ...