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LPCO Press Release: Libertarian Excluded from Debate over Fraction of a Percent

silenced-2DENVER, COLORADO—During an election season where voters have expressed unprecedented dissatisfaction with their choices and over 30% of Coloradan voters are unaffiliated, Club 20, a “non-partisan coalition” has excluded Libertarian Party Senatorial Candidate Lily Tang Williams from their debate forum scheduled for September 10, 2016. In a statement to Williams, Club 20 has stated its Bylaws require any included candidate to represent at least 1% of registered voters “within the district” and that since the Libertarian Party held .977% of registered voters, she would be excluded over a mere and petty .03%–effectively silencing all but the Republican and Democrat perspectives.… Read more ...

Lily Tang Williams, Libertarian Party of Colorado’s Chair, Posts Photo of Herself with Rifle

lily with assault rifle

Lily Tang Williams on facebook:

If you believe more gun control by your government is going to save lives, you are being naïve. The champion of all the mass killings in this world is always a tyrannical government.

Where I came from, China had killed thousands of the students by its own government during the massacre of Tian An Men square in 1989.… Read more ...