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Metro Weekly Publishes Article About LP Candidates in Virginia

Libertarian Party candidates for governor, House earn spots on Virginia ballot
Posted by John Riley
June 28, 2013 2:21 PM | Published on MetroWeekly.com

Move over, Terry McAuliffe and Ken Cuccinelli: there’s a third candidate on the ballot in the governor’s race this November.

Sarvis.pngThe Libertarian Party of Virginia announced Thursday that its gubernatorial candidate, Robert Sarvis, obtained the 10,000 signatures of registered Virginia voters needed to earn a spot on November’s ballot.

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Videos from the Libertarian Party of Northern Virginia’s Candidates Forum

The Libertarian Party of Northern Virginia (LPNOVA) hosted a candidates’ forum on May 16th. Bruce Majors, whose 2012 run for U.S. House Delegate in Washington, D.C. secured major party status for the D.C. Libertarian Party, attended the event and recorded footage of it. From his video description:

Gubernatorial candidate Robert Sarvis, and state delegate candidates Patrick Hagerty (Loudon County), Laura Delhomme (Arlington), Lindsey Bolton (Crystal City), and Anthony Tellez (Fairfax) answered questions from a room full of local libertarians.

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LP National Promotes Virginia House of Delegates Candidate Lindsey Bolton

The LP National website, LP.org, currently has a small banner on the front page promoting Lindsey Bolton, Libertarian Party candidate for Virginia House of Delegates from the 48th district:

Recently, Bolton’s Facebook page surpassed 2,000 “likes.” Austin Petersen, former paid employee at LPHQ, current Director of Production at FreedomWorks and a former Associate Producer for Judge Andrew Napolitano’s Fox News show “Freedom Watch”, recently promoted Bolton on his own Facebook page:

Another strong, independent lady of liberty is running for office in Virginia!

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Virginia Libertarian Candidates Make Progress With Ballot Access

In the past few days, Libertarian Party of Virginia’s (LPVA) candidates for public office have received confirmation that they will be on the November ballot.

Lindsey Bolton, candidate for House of Delegates, district 48, posted June 8th:

Great news everybody- the Board of Elections just called. We have all of our valid signatures in.

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Libertarian Party of Northern Virginia Hosts Candidates Forum May 18th

On May 18th, the Libertarian Party of Northern Virginia (LPNOVA) hosted a candidates forum. The following Libertarian candidates in the November 2013 elections attended and spoke:

Robert C. Sarvis (Governor)

Patrick Hagerty (House of Delegates, district 33)

Laura Delhomme (House of Delegates, district 47)

Lindsey Bolton (House of Delegates, district 48)

Anthony Tellez (House of Delegates, district 53)


To view a photo gallery from the event, go to the following: 

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LP Facebook Page Promotes Candidates and Registering Libertarian for Ballot Access

Posts from the LP Facebook page today: 

Bill Slantz, U.S. Congress in Missouri’s 8th district, June 4th special election

Christopher Sullivan, for Virginia House of Delegates, District 55. Election November 5, 2013.

Laura Delhomme, for Virginia House of Delegates, 47th district

Lindsey Bolton,  for Virginia House of Delegates, 48th district


Post about registering Libertarian as a free way to help the LP:

Do you want a free, easy way to help the Libertarian Party?

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Libertarian Party of Virginia Candidates Update

The Libertarian Party of Virginia (LPVA) is running eight candidates in the Novemeber 5, 2013 elections. They are listed below:



  • Jonathan Parrish – House of Delegates, District 23
    (website, FacebookTwitter)


  • Patrick Hagerty – House of Delegates, District 33
    (website, Facebook, Twitter)



  • Lindsey Bolton – House of Delegates, District 48
    (website, FacebookTwitter)



  • Christopher Sullivan – House of Delegates, District 55
    (websiteFacebook, Twitter)


  • Dan Foster – House of Delegates, District 78
    (websiteFacebook, Twitter)
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