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Free Patriot Press Q & A with LNC Chair candidates

Posted by Darryl Perry at Free Patriot Press:

As a service to the Delegates to the LP Convention in St. Louis this coming weekend, I sent a candidate questionnaire to the 5 declared candidates for Chair of the Libertarian Party. The candidates full answers are below, a slightly condensed version will be available in hard copy at the convention.… Read more ...

New Path delegate mailers

Email from George Phillies:

Here are the New Path and Phillies mailers [sent to delegates for the upcoming Libertarian national convention in St. Louis this weekend]. Some people got Liberty for America instead of the delegateLNCletter.

Slateletter3 will be arriving today or tomorrow for most delegates.

The two delegate letters had in mixed combinations any of four inserts two for Thomas Hill and Charles Wilhoit, and

http://libertyforamerica.com/LfAGLBTtrifold.pdfRead more ...

Kn@ppster: Handicapping the LNC chair election

Posted by Tom Knapp at Kn@ppster:

General Predictions:

– The final ballot will be Wayne Allyn Root vs. ???

– On all ballots prior to that final ballot, Root will place first among all contenders.

– If Root isn’t within a short distance of a majority (40-45% minimum) on the first ballot, he won’t win.… Read more ...

Richard Cooper’s endorsement of Mark Hinkle for Libertarian Party Chair among top google news results for ‘libertarian’

Currently at #3 for Google News results for Libertarian (includes articles not related to the Libertarian Party as well), Richard Cooper at Ground Report:

On Memorial Day weekend, the Libertarian Party in the United States www.lp.org will hold its biennial convention in St. Louis, Missouri. The principal task will be the election of the Chair and other officers.… Read more ...

Libertarian Peacenik makes an argument for Myers, against Root as Libertarian Party Chair

Posted by Thomas Sipos at Libertarian Peacenik. The opinions are those of the original author, and don’t imply a stance by IPR for or against any candidate.

Five men will run for Libertarian Party national chair this weekend in St. Louis. I can be happy with four of them. I only hope the winner is not Wayne Allyn Root, a pro-war narcissist.… Read more ...

Judge Jim Gray added to ACHIEVE slate of candidates for the Libertarian Party National Committee

Email from Pat Dixon to contact.ipr@gmail.com:

Judge Jim Gray has been added to the ACHIEVE slate of candidates for the Libertarian Party National Committee. Judge Gray will be running for an at-large position on the committee.

Judge Gray was a Libertarian candidate for US Senate in California in 2004. He has been a trial judge in Orange County, California since 1983.… Read more ...

LNC Chair candidate Mark Hinkle raises funds for No on Prop 14 TV Ad campaign

Email from Mark Hinkle:

Dear Libertarian allies,

My friend June Genis, a long long time Libertarian, is mounting a grassroots effort to buy TV ADS to expose the lies behind Prop 14 on the June 8th primary ballot.

The Libertarian Party of California is a conducting a tele-marketing campaign to reach registered libertarians, but we also need to reach voters and TV is one of the best way to do that on a massive scale.… Read more ...

Idaho Libertarian Times Podcast # 32: George Phillies, Prop 14 in California & the National Convention

Posted at idaholibertariantimes.com, by way of http://newpathforthelp.org/:

Podcast#32 Sat May 22 2010

George Phillies comments on Proposition 14 in California & gives useful website links to help defeat it & talks about this week in his campaign & the upcoming Libertarian Convention in St. Louis.

https://www.stoptoptwo.org/donate/  or
http://libertymanager.comRead more ...

Jeff Sexton of SWGAPolitics.com endorses Myers for LNC Chair

Posted by Jeff Sexton at SWGAPolitics.com:

I’m a State/Local specialist. I don’t track National politics that closely, but seeing as how the Libertarian National Convention is next weekend and we have a fairly hotly contested race for LNC Chairman going on, I decided to take a look into it and let my voice be heard.… Read more ...

Root Endorsement from LNC Rep

Email from Wayne Root to contact.ipr@gmail.com:

“For years the Libertarian Party has had the best ideas- we have the answers that will bring senseless wars to a stop, restore our civil liberties, eliminate our deficit and debt, and allow our economy the freedom to provide opportunity for all those who seek it.… Read more ...

George Phillies: Situation on Massachusetts Libertarian ballot access

Posted at Liberty For All by George Phillies, candidate for LNC chair:

Recently — hey, I’m a candidate, did you expect my opponents to say nice things about me? — a number of bizarre rumors have arisen about Massachusetts Libertarian ballot access. Please note that I am one member of the state committee, our chair is David Blau, and our state committee has uniformly been unanimous on these questions.

Read more ...

John Jay Myers on Immigration

Email from John Jay Myers to contact.ipr@gmail.com. John Jay Myers is a candidate for the Libertarian National Party Chair and currently running for United States Congress against Pete Sessions in Texas 32nd District.

IPR takes no position on LNC races.

Many Americans are looking to the Libertarian Party for answers, and it is important that the answers we give do not depend on the fantasy of a “Libertarian society” to work.… Read more ...